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  1. Please read this post before suggesting: You should include things like example smilies, smiley names, kisses/hugs etc.
  2. To be fair, this could very easily be implemented via <sup> and <sub> HTML tags (and optionally some CSS). The power could allow you to add subscripts and superscripts to your name. For example:
  3. Daniel


    Or, perhaps controversially, we add several self-assignable ranks that allow users to identify themselves? This means that any user can assign themselves as a "graphics designer" and therefore there is no discrimination or no playing favourites involved. This could have potential to bringing more people or communities to the forum as we could have things like "graphics designer", "trader" or "radio DJ" (there's probably more/better options, those just came to mind). If this was added (alongside any other ranks) they would probably just be the same colour as normal membe
  4. Similar bug is happening to me after I open the 8ball dialog (haven't tested others). Observations: Only changes if the user is online (changes after <z response from websocket) Using the English version of xat (contrary to Sloom's post) Reproduction steps: Click 8ball and close window Click a user and their name will be replaced
  5. Interesting that as of the last update, if this URL is blocked the chat doesn't load anymore...




    1. Page


      can I repost?

    2. Karl


      If this is a deliberate thing, then it's unlawful. As stated ICO, you can not reject someone onto a website if consent for tracking is not given. We as users have a right to block consent to the use of third parties collecting personal data, which this clearly prevents from being done. xat has allegedly made the choice this; you either allow us to collect your data or you cannot access the website. Brilliant.


      Edit; their privacy policy for Google Analytics is also far from clear, you're not agreeing it on signup and I'm also curious at any other point when you're on the website do you get a prompt about the privacy policy. There is one reference to it in the privacy policy, Google clearly states it has to be "clear and obvious" and saying it once is probably vaguely clear at best. 

  6. I too experienced issues with uBlock with the new update. With this being a very widely used extension, instead of recommending to disable it, a fix should be sought out.
  7. To expand on this, it is in place due to xats target audience (14+).
  8. No one asked for volunteers to remove anyone from anything...? 3. Kaul and Sevda decide they want a a 3rd monthly main owner
  9. There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of how this would work from volunteers every time this conversation is had. How can phishers access information only available to users when logged in? You would not be able to access this information unless you already had access to the account. There is no way this information can be used to fulfil lost access/locked out requests if they do not have access to the account. Questions in departments focused on recovering accounts can still use this information. Questions for departments where the user already has access to
  10. The solution is simple, European citizens bombard xat with subject access requests under GDPR that they are required by law to respond to (must respond within 30 days of receipt) until they’re forced to make this information freely available to all users. xat does not have the right to withhold this information from you, and any other information (even aggregate data) regarding you from you. xat should provide an option to download all the data stored about your account (trade/transfer logs, purchase history (xats and power store), reports linked to your ID, promotions, bids, etc, et
  11. The chat is currently saying I have allpowers[2] when I only have 19 powers. Full power list:
  12. No it won’t. It is extremely trivial to get around.
  13. There is a lot of overhead that goes into creating whole themes for the forum that makes this very time consuming. The need for dark mode is worth it, but having modes for every colour isn’t worth it.
  14. Heart showing below pawns/hats etc
  15. It seems there's a bug with using /t in PC to ignore a user. If you send /t and remain on the pc tab, the user list will start filling up with, the PC will join with main and users who join, leave, send messages, start typing with typing power etc. Changing tab resets this.
  16. Whatever happened with the marry/bff heart/plus in the last update has caused some bugs in the way it works. One bug I have previously noted in this thread: If you kick someone, the kick symbol displays under the heart: There's several bugs where users in PC have the bff symbol as well but I don't have a screenshot/repro for this (yet). There's a probably a few more I've seen but I haven't encountered them again, I'll add them here if I do.
  17. Do you mean the forum or on the chats? If you mean the forum, you can click the “add files” button and upload it directly, or you can upload it to a website such as imgur.com and paste the direct link into your post and hit enter for it to display. If you mean the chat, there is no way to directly embed an image in the chat and you would need to post the direct link for others to click to view.
  18. Is this error still happening? If so, can they open developer tools (ctrl+shift+j on windows) and take a screenshot or copy and paste what it says here?
  19. Congratulations! Don't forget about the wiki team
  20. First of all, nice work and I hope to see more updates like this in the future. My one gripe is that the icons at the left side of the chat do not have any text under them or no text shown when hovered describing what they are, and honestly I didn't even know what they were at first (excluding trade and xavi ofc). Also, I'm not sure if its just me, but the apps chosen to be on the sidebar seem a bit random, though I appreciate that the purpose of this is to advertise the new apps. Maybe further iteration is needed? Could this be customisable?
  21. Still doesn't work properly. Seems to be an issue with trying to show a pop-up message while one is still showing i.e. the name pop up hasn't disappeared yet and thats why the timestamp one doesn't show up.
  22. No, however it does something different. It now looks like the plus doubles up: Here's what it looks like normally for reference: @LaFleur
  23. Daniel


    xat is geared towards users from as young as the age of 14 and this wouldn't really be appropriate.
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