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    xat is geared towards users from as young as the age of 14 and this wouldn't really be appropriate.
  2. Hello, Which error are you experiencing in particular?
  3. Daniel

    New Markdown Feature

    The markdown should be applied in the message box also, so that you can see what you're sending in visual terms. This should probably only apply to bold, italics and strikethrough as the way the others are implemented at the moment would be confusing. This is also useful when combining them (i.e. italic and bold) or seeing mistakes as you can see the formatting before you send it. i.e.
  4. Autofill on the stickers message box isn't disabled, meaning it can be selected and the text color/background functionality no longer works. Also autofill isn't really needed here anyway.
  5. I understand that after using the new web the old won't work, I just meant that if an unregistered user does it they will lose access to their chat because they can't add themself as main owner, but you said this will be fixed so thats fine.
  6. When someone sends you a youtube link in PC and you click on it and close it and you are BFF'd to another user, you will be displayed as BFFs in the PC until you switch to another tab and back again. I am unsure if works the same for marriage as I haven't tested but someone who is married can.
  7. Currently on the new chat edit, if an unregistered user creates a chat group or switches their existing group over to the new system by adding a new main owner, they will be unable to add themself as main owner or use the "get main" button as currently it only allows registered (logged in) users to do so. Unregistered users should still be able to own and manage a chat group on the new website and someone may want to add an unregistered user as main on their chat also. There's also a bug within this too, as if an unregistered user adds a main owner and moves their chat over to the new web, they will be unable to re-gain main via the old web and lose their rank in their chat unless they register. @LaFleur
  8. Daniel

    Promotion bug?

    It's still an unexpected change and one might not notice as they've not been told by the system they were wrong. Always assume users don't know what they're doing.
  9. Daniel

    Promotion bug?

    It should really show an error instead of changing to an unexpected value not chosen by the user.
  10. Currently, the new colour picker on the HTML5 chat found in your user profile says "Save", and what this button actually does is copy the colour code to the clipboard. I automatically assumed this was going to change my nameglow or something and was confused when the button didn't do anything. " I suggest this is changed to "Copy" and then changes to "Copied!" for a few seconds after being clicked, so that its function is is a bit clearer.
  11. The pop up for "just now" etc. on the new timestamps is very inconsistent and doesn't work well in general. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Specifically, I have found that i and fails to pop up entirely when you've just hovered over something else, which a very common occurrence as I hover over people names when going between messages and also if I'm checking and someone sends a message I will lose my place and hover over a name or something.
  12. Manage really messes with the new main system. Probably because the systems are de-synced. Not sure if manage is going to be totally reworked and this can basically be ignored. Prerequisites: Adding someone as main via manage doesn’t give them access to the chat via their acc password You can add more than 20 main owners via manage I also found this: Add user as main via manage Add same user as main via main owners tab Reset the chat multiple times (even on old web) No main owners will be removed (even ones not added on manage) If you try remove someone via the main owners tab the whole list will disappear It will reappear if you switch tabs If you demote them via manage, they can still access chat with acc password and if you reset the chat they will become main again Seems fixable by adding and removing a new main owner (though requires a lot of messing around if u have 20 main owners as you're unable to add one)
  13. Custom CSS code for your group is being replaced with xatframe and will be totally removed in the future, so that’s why the fallback CSS isn’t available. The new edit will totally replace the current edit in the near future so I doubt support for it will be added now.
  14. I think it would be better to say no settings to export and maybe add “you need at least 1 custom setting to export” or something like that.
  15. The "export" button on the group powers tab should give some sort of feedback once it is pressed if there's no custom settings to export, as of right now you just click it and nothing happens.
  16. Once you have reached the maximum amount of main owners (20) in the new edit, if you try and add another one and get the “You have too many main owners” message, if you switch tabs and go back you will see “undefined” in the table
  17. After resetting a chat on the new edit, if you then switch to "main owners" tab and try to add a new main owner, you will get an error that says "You have too many main owners". This is fixed upon re-login.
  18. This has been suggested but this could easily go on a blog for the chat, or created once there's been a few months history of main owners and not too prematurely (who knows how long this will last).
  19. Are you clicking the "Actualizar Ajustes de seguridad" button after checking the box? Which browser are you using?
  20. Daniel

    game maze

    Mazeban has not yet been implemented on HTML5 yet. The only games available on HTML5 are snakeban and codeban.
  21. Congratulations, you'll do great!
  22. It should literally just allow you to add "allpowers" or "everypower" to the trade engine and this be sorted server side. There is literally no need for 300+ powers to be checked to make a trade.
  23. Daniel

    pride pawn

    It's 2020 and xat does need to take a position. Either xat support its LGBT users or are they complicit in putting us to death.
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