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  1. The wording here was a bit confusing. This clears it up for me: anyone who logs in with the group password can access the miscellaneous and mainowners sections, and anyone who logs in via their account password cannot (even "the actual group main owner"). I also believe miscellaneous should be moved to it's own tab to avoid confusion with this: It should just be completely separate and have no permission option. Also, within the appearance section of edit group, there's two background boxes and to me it wasn't immediately clear which one is which, as "group" doesn't really describe the page the chat is on, in my opinion. The top box should probably be labelled "outer background" and the bottom "inner background" as these two words are common xat terminology.
  2. Users having access to their own trade/transfer logs has been discussed to death in the past. Volunteers have always had an issue with this as they use this information to verify account holders on tickets, however this info would only be available after logging in so i never really understood it. I don't see an issue and would personally be interested to see this happen.
  3. Happy birthday, I hope you and your luscious locks have a wonderful day.

    1. Angelo


      Oh heck yeah, thanks Stah xx (smirk)

  4. Canvas' can also be manipulated very easily via the console
  5. Tested with LaFleur and couldn't reproduce using same macOS & Safari version as Nathan.
  6. Welcome back to the xat Wiki! (victory)

    1. Daniel
    2. Maxo


      Welcome back to the forum hh he's already a member of xat wiki 

  7. What does this mean? i.e. does banning make you visible again?
  8. What's up 

    1. Lemona





  9. I guess they copied it from the activation email and somehow the encoding was messed up? Should be fine if you type the chat manually, or click: https://xat.com/frtka
  10. Browser? OS? Could be some weird .htaccess issue? I'm MacOS Mojave using Chrome 74.0.3729.131
  11. What do you mean removed? The chat seems OK to me.
  12. Oh I forgot about flapwn... nvm. Maybe a pawn that you can add a football strip that also has changing flags?
  13. I think most users actually wanted a pawn that would also be customisable. Could a permanent pawn be added to this power?
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