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  1. Interesting that as of the last update, if this URL is blocked the chat doesn't load anymore...




    1. Page


      can I repost?

    2. Karl


      If this is a deliberate thing, then it's unlawful. As stated ICO, you can not reject someone onto a website if consent for tracking is not given. We as users have a right to block consent to the use of third parties collecting personal data, which this clearly prevents from being done. xat has allegedly made the choice this; you either allow us to collect your data or you cannot access the website. Brilliant.


      Edit; their privacy policy for Google Analytics is also far from clear, you're not agreeing it on signup and I'm also curious at any other point when you're on the website do you get a prompt about the privacy policy. There is one reference to it in the privacy policy, Google clearly states it has to be "clear and obvious" and saying it once is probably vaguely clear at best. 

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