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  1. Daniel

    Selective stealth

    Would be a useful small change. However, it doesn’t need to be this complicated. I would suggest more of a white list concept where only chats present in the macro would activate stealth. I.e $stealth=help,mychat Would mean you’d be stealthed at help and mychat, but not at xat_test.
  2. Rankpool/banpool/banish are must haves for groups.
  3. Clearly this is a bug as it’s supposed to work in the opposite way. Just because this is how it currently works, doesn’t mean it is correct. This be fixed so that (hat#e) is golden egg and (hat#e#colour) is the coloured egg, rather than (hat#e#colour) is golden and you have to disable allpowers to colour it, as this is clearly not how it is supposed to work.
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