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  1. Daniel's post in game maze was marked as the answer   
    Mazeban has not yet been implemented on HTML5 yet.
    The only games available on HTML5 are snakeban and codeban.
  2. Daniel's post in Arrows to broadcast videos was marked as the answer   
    Just tested and it seems that the "broadcast" button on the YouTube application disappears a few seconds after opening and doesn't re-appear again.
    This should probably be moved to bugs, but then again there's no point fixing the flash version of the app. Let's hope we can see this feature fixed in the HTML5 version.
  3. Daniel's post in Please fix my account. was marked as the answer   
    If you have a ticket open already then there is nothing we can do for you here on the forum. 
    Just be patient and wait for a reply. 
  4. Daniel's post in Delete a picture from the server was marked as the answer   
    If it’s been cached then it will disappear in around 6 hours. 
  5. Daniel's post in Login Page Problem was marked as the answer   
    All users need to re-login to their accounts after a bug was found, this is unrelated to the size of the xat8 chat. 
    The size of the chat was changed due to some browsers blocking, or pausing, the chat due to new restrictions on flash applets. The chat had to become bigger to pass the restrictions and stop it from being blocked. 
  6. Daniel's post in Edit problem was marked as the answer   
    You already have a question here:
    Please don't open multiple General Support questions on the same subject.
  7. Daniel's post in 7 days have passed and nothing has been resolved, no one answered was marked as the answer   
    You just need to wait for a Volunteer to reply to your ticket.
    Creating General Support questions will not speed up the process.
  8. Daniel's post in help was marked as the answer   
    You obviously bought xats and took the money back, and for that reason, xat has suspended your account until further notice.
    If you want the account back, you must re-pay every cent that you took back, PLUS an inconvenience (chargeback) fee for each transaction. You can do so by creating another account and arranging new payments up to a total of $115 through guaranteeable (ones that cannot be reversed) payment methods such as Payment wall and Openbucks. This is the only way to get your account back.
  9. Daniel's post in Request open ticket for lock account! was marked as the answer   
    If you do you remember the email that you used to create the account, you can open a ticket under the "Locked Out" help topic using the email on private/incognito browsing, or after clearing your cookies.
    If you do not remember the email, use an existing account to create a ticket under the "Lost Access" help topic, and specify the username of the account.
    Remember to make sure the subject is at least 5 or more words long.
    If you are met with any issues when following the above steps, feel free to contact a volunteer on forum and they will gladly assist you: https://forum.xat.com/staff/
  10. Daniel's post in person domain issue: using info@domainhere.com for chats & account was marked as the answer   
    This is an issue I have run into before when using temporary emails to register accounts, I believe if your email provider (i.e. your own email server) bounces email(s) from xat, it gives you the "invalid email" error when trying to login.
    As Anar stated, you need to create a ticket to have the email changed and since you do not have access to the account(s) in question, you must create a new account and open a ticket in the "Lost Access" department. As for the chats, xat is very reluctant to changing chat emails, however it is not impossible.
  11. Daniel's post in Are Bot Client allowed? was marked as the answer   
    The Terms of Service are simply catch all and are used to cover xat's bases. The terms are hardly enforced by verbatim. 
    As Laming said, xat will not punish users for unimportant reasons such as using third party programs that do not negatively affect other users.
  12. Daniel's post in account block was marked as the answer   
    You must wait patiently for a ticket reply. You can get a general idea on how long it will take from the Ticket Times wiki page.
    Posting support threads on the forum will not speed up the process.
  13. Daniel's post in .Shortname transfer was marked as the answer   
    If you have tried everything suggested and you are still unable to create a ticket, click "Staff" at the top and PM a volunteer and they will open a ticket for you. I recommend you PM either Nick, Muffins, Elie, Steven or Guinho as they regularly check the forums. 
    Please note that you must also be a paid user (bought xats from the buy page before). 
  14. Daniel's post in error 55 was marked as the answer   
    If you have a ticket already opened, then you must wait for a reply.
    There is nothing we can do on the forum to speed up the process.
  15. Daniel's post in Chat box Black was marked as the answer   
    xat doesn't block websites from embedding their content. Since it doesn't work for your website, it's likely a problem with your environment. 
    Make sure that you are pasting the embed code in a HTML-enabled area and that your browser isn't blocking the plugin as an applet.
    If you provide us with the link to your website, we can check if it doesn't work, ruling out browser issues and  we can also try embedding your chat to see if it works ruling out environmental issues. 
  16. Daniel's post in Unable to buy xats or days was marked as the answer   
    You must wait for a reply to your ticket. Making threads on the forum will not speed up the process. You can also get an idea on the time it will take for your ticket to recieve a reply by looking at the ticket times wiki page.
    P.S. In the future, make support threads in the "General Support" section.
  17. Daniel's post in Locked account E29 was marked as the answer   
    You must wait for a reply, there's nothing we can do to speed up the process of answering your ticket.
    If you cannot login to your account, then you cannot check your ticket status. You will need to wait for a reply from volunteers and you will be notified via e-mail. The e-mail will contain a link that you can use to view your ticket without being logged in to your account.
    Do not create another ticket as suggested by others in this thread.
  18. Daniel's post in unlock website dj thank you! was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately, you cannot get a domain unblocked unless you are a paid user.
    You can, however, use xat Radio if your radio is in the SWF format.
  19. Daniel's post in Injustice xat.com and Forum. was marked as the answer   
    The user you are reporting is using the stolen database from November 2015 to find information about user accounts, including your own. 
    If you want to change your email, you can do so via the ticket system for free under the "Email Change" help topic to make sure that user does not attempt to access your account as they will have an outdated email. If they managed to find out your password you should, of course, change it. 
    No one is excluded from using the forum, and user accounts are not linked to forum accounts. He can use the forum as a pass time or for support, "bad user" or not. 
    As for your "sister" liking all of your posts, she should not like your posts just because you posted them, as that can be seen as reputation abuse. It is also suspicious as one could claim it is just your alternative account. It is perfectly OK for someone using the same internet to like posts they actually like, however it is not OK for a user to like every one of someone else's posts. 
  20. Daniel's post in Can't seem to access my tickets was marked as the answer   
    If you cannot login to the ticket system after trying everything suggested, the only thing left is to wait for a reply email and click the link in the email to then be taken to the ticket directly, without being logged in. 
    If you have any previous ticket reply emails, you may also use the link in one of those to login to the ticket system then direct yourself to the ticket you want to check. 
  21. Daniel's post in Need help i cant login after 30days was marked as the answer   
    You need to get a new token from the "Google Authenticator" app on your phone or from the "GAuth" browser extention (or similar) if you did not use your phone. 
    If you still cannot find the token, open a private browsing window or activate incognito mode and navigate to http://xat.com/ticket and create a ticket under the "Lost Auth" help topic using the email associated with the account that you cannot log in to. Remember to enter a subject of 5 or more words. 
  22. Daniel's post in why threatening was marked as the answer   
    If you have done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to fear.
    That user has no power over your account, or any punishments that can be applied to it. I would suggest you just ignore them.
  23. Daniel's post in Password wrong was marked as the answer   
    Due to limitations within xat, when entering any other character than A-Z, a-z or 0-9 when first registering or resetting your password, they will be removed without any notice.
    Enter your password without symbols and it will work. For example, if your password was "$hello$" you should enter "hello".
    You should either start using the password without symbols, or change it completely.
  24. Daniel's post in Power winter (snowm) was marked as the answer   
    Correct, the smiley "snowm" is from the holidays power and not the winter power.
    I've passed on a report.
  25. Daniel's post in Cannot Open a Ticket was marked as the answer   
    Due to xat's dependency on Flash and companies becoming less Flash friendly (namely Google), some browsers now request that you allow the "Flash Player" plugin to run on pages within xat where they use small applets to fetch account information, including the ticket page.
    You will have to click the icon at the end of the omnibox (URL bar) and allow the plugin to run. Here's an example:

    Once you have done so, the page will load correctly.
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