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  1. Daniel

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Basically so users can make their own features without relying on bot providers.
  2. Daniel

    494 BOTSTAT

    Not everyone buys powers for the sake of maintaining every power (believe it or not). This sentence is in reference to the fact that this power doesn’t provide anything in and of itself (besides pawns/smilies) and it is dependant on what bot providers can provide, so don’t buy the power until you’ve looked at what they provide and that they provide what you need.
  3. Daniel

    SN Suggestion?

    Does it? The only reason you'd want to do this is so that you can have a name that... you can't have. If I have the name Daniel I don't want another person with the same name, whether I'm "worthy" enough to be impersonated or not.
  4. Daniel

    Adding support to Tapatalk

    But why should this be added? What does it do? What does it add that the current forum does not support?
  5. Daniel

    Option to change Clubs name

    No, make a new club. Capitalisation changes should be the only ones allowed.
  6. Are people just realising this? I could find the last 150 powers on google reverse image search. Here’s a few: Caterpillar: http://www.sherv.net/sleepy.caterpillar-emoticon-5676.html Arachnid: http://www.sherv.net/hairy.spider-emoticon-3688.html And so on.
  7. Daniel

    New Moderator: LaFleur

  8. Daniel


    So the scroller feature is available to everyone, but this is an upgrade to the scroller feature that allows greater customisation? Seems like a perfect example of what a power should be (free vs premium features).
  9. Daniel


    This is also a group power. Edit: First draft wiki article has been created: https://xat.wiki/Rankscroll
  10. Daniel

    Rank Based Chat Scroller

    If im correct, if you do: ”/sgHello guests!” ”/soHello owners!” Then “/sHello everyone else”” Everything is cleared and only the /s message is shown? What about: ”/sHello all!” ”/soBan all trolls!” Does this clear the /s message? The way it should work is that that: /s = default (shows if no rank specific scroll is set)
  11. Daniel

    Hidden contributors

    So after months of public outrage and negative comments from you about the Contributor group, when you were given the opportunity to become one, you agreed but refused the title? From your explanation, it sounds as if you just wanted to see if the group was being run properly. You had no interest in the group, you were only accepting it so you could see if it was "up to your standards". Case in point. You did not want to be associated. Oh, I for sure agree they are nothing special. People know this, and don't want to be associated. Some left and came back and don't want any questions asked about it. Whether Contributors have any power over anything is not the topic of discussion. If malicious users see a weak spot, they will take advantage and don't pretend that they don't get desperate. If we have to clear things up or waste time verifying if users are, in fact, who they claim they are, then it seems to me that hidden contributors are more effort than it's worth. Thanks for clarifying. Now, I am actually surprised you brought this up, especially now. If you could direct yourself to my previous reply: When I was a Contributor, I encouraged users to remove themselves from the list to show the stupidity of people being hidden. My aim was to have the contributors list empty on the wiki page to show how absurd it really is. Bar 2 people, there was no such thing as being a hidden contributor when I was in the group. People were removed from the list on the wiki page, however no one hid the fact they were Contributors and they were still listed on the forum. I may not not have "publicly" stated I was against it, however clearly I was if I was trying to prove how stupid it is to have a blank list on the wiki. But, here I am, publicly stating it now that its somehow completely legible. These users have now gone a step further and apparently they have to deny the fact they are contributors and have had their forum ranks removed. I suddenly feel the need because I was informed hidden contributors is now a fully fledged, opt-in thing. You can pretend you know everything but any hurt egos are simply collateral damage. See above.
  12. Daniel

    Hidden contributors

    I did it along with a lot of others to show how dumb it was. My aim was to hide the entire list. Now that this has become a legitimate thing, it's actually quite disturbing.
  13. Daniel

    Hidden contributors

    I'm sorry, what? After being informed that apparently contributors can decide whether they want to be listed on the wiki/forum I am honestly... dumbfounded. What exactly is the point in this? What would a Contributor gain from hiding themselves? Also they're not very hidden if they can be found on the wiki... commented out... I have to ask the question, are hidden contributors not interested in the views of the xat public? How are they supposed to represent the general xat community if they don't even wish to associated with the Contributors group? Do they have some sort of issue with being associated with being a Contributor? Why are they even in the group in the first place, then? Apart from egotistical reasons, there is also a possible security risk to xat's users with the fact that if there are hidden positions within xat, what stops someone from claiming that they are also in a hidden position? From reading the wiki page, it's stated that contributors have contact with xat administrators via the forum, this means a malicious user could claim to have direct contact with admins and then push any agenda they like. It doesn't stop at Contributors. Anyone could claim to be any sort of hidden position... hidden Volunteer... heck, even hidden Administrator. As long as these positions exist, any user can pretend to be in such a capacity. You may think that these situations are so far fetched that they will never happen, but if these positions exist and someone comes to a help chat and asks "Are all contributors/volunteers/etc" listed on the wiki and they receive the reply "no" then it just opens the doors wide open for possible phishing attempts. I see no positives to this even existing. The only possible reason I can see is for people who want the power but not the responsibility. They want to provide direct input to xat xat, but only want to do so for their own gain. As always, what are your thoughts?
  14. Daniel

    Tickle On/Off

    Why would you care about hiding the tickle power?
  15. Daniel

    A Big Prize [Win 20,000 Xats]

    Daniel (72936365)

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