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  1. Daniel (72936365) Andy Murray will make Scotland proud
  2. This bug has existed for years, something to do with using an ID that was previously deleted (if you bought it, for example). If the user really wants to, they can create a ticket and it would be possible for them to have it fixed. It would be nice if Admins implemented a permanent fix, though.
  3. Why is this power required to be able to kick using rapid?
  4. Can't reproduce (iOS).
  5. 10 pools wouldn't even "ruin" the drop down as the buttons are rather small anyway (in Techy's example). Looks really good.
  6. Spamming and following a pattern or being accurate are complete opposites. With a spam ban, you should just need to spam a certain amount of characters to get unbanned. As for following a pattern and being accurate, I think something more like a type race game would be better.
  7. If you do you remember the email that you used to create the account, you can open a ticket under the "Locked Out" help topic using the email on private/incognito browsing, or after clearing your cookies. If you do not remember the email, use an existing account to create a ticket under the "Lost Access" help topic, and specify the username of the account. Remember to make sure the subject is at least 5 or more words long. If you are met with any issues when following the above steps, feel free to contact a volunteer on forum and they will gladly assist you: https://forum.xat.com/staff/
  8. Bad idea. As others said, inflation. Current xat value from store is around $6 per 1k. If xat decrease this to even $3 per 1k, powers will simply increase to match the change.
  9. The first one is the library to use (Google Material, Font Awesome or Bootstrap) think of this as a pack, if you like. The second is the specific icon from the library (or pack). In this case, it includes all of the bootstrap icons from the bootstrap library and the second code outputs the cloud icon from that library.
  10. I like the idea of being able to send small voice snippets, and I'd probably be leaning towards adding this to private chats rather than in main chat. As for "how long they should last", I'd personally go with destroy after closing the PC however also allow the user to save the snippet to their computer, which will also destroy it, much like iMessage.
  11. All he did was copy and paste an image from google, so no, he shouldn't. It also appears that none of the expressions were used from his "suggestion".
  12. You've been gifted with the knowledge that only a couple of volunteers have access to the delayed departments, yet you keep iterating that a lot of volunteers aren't hitting any sort of expectation, and for reasons I can't fathom we need to pay volunteers or split the team into paid and unpaid. Both of these ideas are just not an option and frankly not good ideas at all. There's literally 2 volunteers in the delayed departments, and they simply don't have enough time to cater to the number of tickets (university, work, life in general). I am also not against the fact that the volunteers in the "middle" aren't in those departments either. They are playing the long game, waiting for someone the current Volunteers in the department are happy to work with (so simply sharing knowledge isn't enough). Admins don't control the support system, Volunteers are looking to fix it as Andre said in the other thread, they are going to add someone else into those departments and hope that it helps.
  13. Since a few people have brought issue with Contributors as a whole, I would like to address some things from an inside perspective, but not turn this thread into anything related to contributors, as they, in the grand scheme of things, aren't that important, however, there is concerns of the community not being listened to. Contributors is a very solid idea, yet the group really lacks content, and many issues discussed here are above what Contributors can influence and many issues are just not meant to be discussed in some private forum. Contributors cannot decide how Volunteers handle tickets, or how Volunteers are chosen or the support system in general. That is a matter for Volunteers. Many issues discussed here are also not Contributor topics, for example, the Contributor forum section is not a suggestion forum and general suggestions relating to xat do not belong there (although it doesn't stop some from being posted). The design of the chat, for example, is not a Contributor topic, it is a suggestion meant for all users to comment on. If you believe that Contributors should be responsible for pushing for ideas, then we can, if necessary, become some sort of bridge for suggestions. A lot of suggestions on the forums are ignored, however things like smiley powers are not of Admin's concern. If the community largely agrees on an idea, such as a new function power, we can definitely pass it on to Admins and hear their opinion on it. It could even be the responsibility of Contributors to pass on the top voted ideas to Admins every couple of weeks. Things from @LaFleur's "To Do List" can be a place to start. As for the actual content of Contributors, it's not totally useless, and I don't really subscribe (anymore) to the view that people agree with Volunteers and Admins just because of their titles. I can say that Admins have been opposed greatly in the section even in the past few weeks. It is not only used for discussions about changing things, but for reliable opinions. Since Contributors is not a some secret society, and the secrecy is in place so honest (and sometimes brutal) opinions can be posted, I can give everyone an idea of what kind of issues we have commented on in the past (and have been successful in changing): Inactive Help chats being redirected to Assistance, hoping to bring some life to Assistance and build a bigger community around users who do not have their own dedicated chats. Location Update being changed for non paid users Setting up the Facebook contest Previously owned inactive chats and short names being able to be put on sale again. Icons for the Forum and Wiki being added to the links at the top left of chats. There's more, but the forum has been cleared up several times. These are not massively important issues, yet this does prove that Contributors are listened to. If it is the general belief that Contributors are largely irrelevant (and I sort of agree to this), find a use for us. We have a level of trust with Admins and we are happy to be ambassadors, if you'd let us do so rather than slating the group as a whole. Contributors aside, it seems that the main issue of this thread is the classic "ticket system problem". I also see a Admins are taking a lot of hits for this, yet the Volunteers are almost entirely responsible for the system. The departments that have been "delayed" since as long as I can remember, are in all aspects of the word, an even more elitist group within the already elitist Volunteers group. I think that some attention should be brought to high ranking volunteers, and the fact they are seemingly unwilling to open up their group to help alleviate the delays.
  14. Awesome concept, and would be convenient (and cooler) for a lot of people that wish to embed xat on their website. p.s. https://forum.xat.com/settings/signature/
  15. I'd also like to note that if a user hasn't received a reply in a year, they're likely beating a dead horse i.e. in most cases, their account has been torched, deleted or the like and have been told on numerous occasions that their account will not be restored.