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    I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that bans are based on IP addresses. The problem is that these users use methods to change or mask their IP addresses, therefore being able to unban themselves. There’s absolutely nothing xat can do about that without affecting the use of the service by legitimate users. Thanks for the incredibly rude forum post full of ignorance, though.
  2. Freezeban

    I agree with Lemona, this would be more suited to a jinx rather than a ban. I also love LaFleur’s idea of the screen defrosting over time. I don’t think we have anywhere near enough jinx or ban powers, would you prefer another smiley power?
  3. How will you spend Halloween 2017?

    Banging party at the Union @Rida
  4. Titles and vote system

    Who?? Where are they??? Why aren’t they bothering about it????
  5. Titles and vote system

    Are you seriously this salty? Who knew you’d be able to beat a dead horse for this long. First you claimed to be thrown out and it was an inside job where everyone conspired against you and then post emails from admins on your blog and cause a huge fuss... Now you had an oh so silly little argument and quit and nothing more? What? If the title is as unnecessary as you seem to believe, why do you care so much? As for the first person to like this post, I’m sure we don’t need 3 guesses.
  6. Congratulations @Rida for becoming volunteer well deserved I hope u answer ur first ticket soon :) !

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Thuk


      Congratulations Rida.

    3. Brandon


      Definitely deserved.

    4. zed


      I have a ticket and dont have an amswer since one week 

  7. Abandon the Contributors.

    I'd like to point out that volunteers are also contributors and therefore also contribute to discussions, what's been happening is that discussions usually taken to volunteers are, instead, being opened up to non-volunteer contributors so that things feel a tad more democratic. There was never any issue of volunteers discussing all matters of any kind, be it users behaviour, cyan pawns, emeritus status, official chat managers, within a group barely averaging at 10 people, so I don't see why it's such an issue to open up a lot of the discussions to a group of people from all different communities within and outwith xat.
  8. 458 PUPPY

    For some reason p1Pupjump shows something different than p1pupjump.. fixed.

    11th anniversary isn't any sort of milestone, I doubt we will see anything other than a "xat birthday" weekly power.
  10. Your gay history

    For as far as I can remember, I was just attracted to other guys. I don't know, guys always caught my eyes and girls didn't. I never really thought anything of it until around the start of high school when you start to learn more about yourself all that fun stuff and I realised that I was attracted to guys, and there was a name for it. I don't really distinctively going through a "facing the truth" phase, and I think it was easy for me to accept that I was different from the majority of people, however, I knew that gay was bad. Kids my age always used "gay" to describe things they didn't like, so I decided I shouldn't tell anyone about it. Some people used to question me about it and, of course, I couldn't tell anyone my secret! I have semi come out of the closet. The first person that ever knew was my best friend at the time who was also a boy when we were around 12 (2012), and he didn't care and probably forgot within 5 minutes because it was irrelevant to our friendship, really. The second person I told was Kimi (from xat) around 2013 because he is also gay and I thought it would be good to speak to someone else about being gay and get advice from him. After Kimi, I didn't tell anyone until 3 years later around the start of July when I told Rida, Ryan and Karl in our group chat that we had on WhatsApp. That's what really started kicking things off and making me feel more comfortable. I came out to my best friend in real life the day after National Coming Out Day (jinx Brandon) when we were at McDonalds one day before college and I told her and we skipped college and discussed the ins and outs lol. I then told my second closest friend after she accused me of fancying my other friend (that's a girl) I just was like "oh no I'm gay". The relationships between the people I have told have not changed and it wasn't a big deal, they sort of knew already I guess. As this was leading up to the end of high school, our friendship group kind of broke up and I didn't get around to telling the others. My siblings/parents... weird situation. Rida and I went to Glasgow Pride in 2015 and I told my brother that I was going to meet Rida (he sort of knows about xat and the idea of it, and knows Rida), but I told my parents that I was going somewhere else. When I left, it probably came up in conversation where I was and the stories clashed. When I came home my parents asked me why I was in Glasgow and I was like I was at a music festival (there was one at Pride) and they obviously they had researched events in Glasgow or something and my Dad asked me if I "was at the gay festival" and I just ignored him. They told my older sister (who has her own house, clearly I was the talk of the week) and she asked me as well but I told her I was there with my friend. I guess they know, but they don't really know at the same time. I'm at an awkward stage where, if asked, I will admit to being gay, however I still have not told my family. As Brandon said, it's really really difficult to tell the people you care about the most and especially if you don't know how they are going to react. Even though I try to tell myself people won't care and nothing will change, I just can't bring myself to say the words.
  11. 453 Cuticorn

    I manually added an image for this smiley.
  12. Troll power

    The troll face is copyrighted and the creator loves to claim royalties
  13. Link Validator Whitelist

    The reason prntscr goes through linkvalidator is because the frame caused issues with displaying the images, other services don't have this issue.
  14. Word Disassociation

    polymorphism (one of my favourites)
  15. Last person to post the highest number wins!

    Yes. Googolplex. 1010100 Then it goes from there... Googolplexian etc.