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  1. Masha

    Banpool issue

    Fixed, thank you!
  2. Masha

    Banpool issue

    Noticing that when users are being banned they aren't being directed to the banpool and are showing up as banned/banished in the main pool. I've checked banpool power and its assigned, nothing was/has changed and this has persisted since this morning (07/07/2021). Please verify on your end if this is an issue that is exclusive to one chat or if this is happening at other chats too, Thank you Banish and Rankpool are assigned correctly too, incase you were wondering. Everything was always working fine until this morning
  3. Masha dear (blowkiss)  (hug) Legend did back!  



  4. Seth Meyers Lol GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers



    ON xat

    Hungry Cake GIF by truTV’s At Home with Amy Sedaris


    spice girls party hard GIF

    AND ENJOY YOUR DAY(blowkiss)

    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Masha my dear (blowkiss) (hug)   

  5. Ice, chill, cold, frost, soft, powder, flurry - describes what I love so my favourite power is
  6. happy birthday sweets, have a nice one💋

    Music Video Eating GIF by Olivia Lunny

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you sweetie (blowkiss)

  7. Happy Birthday, queen! (blowkiss)

    Happy Birthday GIF

    1. Masha


      Jack daniles tonight! (blowkiss)

      Season 3 Drinking GIF by NETFLIX


  8. Happy Birthday!!!! Have a lovely day. (blowkiss)

    1. Masha


      Thank you DJCrazy, hope to see you around!! (blowkiss)


  9. Happy b day M




    1. Masha


      Thank you for the kind wish:)(hug)

  10. Tita

    Hii my beautiessss i just wanna say i wish you a happy birthdayyy enjoy this day and i wish you all the best, be happy and be proud of yourself, long life to youu (blowkiss) don't change you are really the best i loveee youuu sm ❤️🥰                             Valentines Day Love GIF

    1. Masha


      THANKS MY BEAUTIES!! for making my day great, you don't ever change too! I love you more(blowkiss)!!!!!




      Cat Love GIF

  11. To my Norman, @Norman I'm not the best writer but I couldn't skip this occasion to let you know how much you mean to me I constantly feel unsettled, and somehow you manage to make my days better You radiate joy and you're pleasant to be around And that helps a pessimist much more than you know Your kindness and your sweetness You're easy to talk to I can't believe there are times where I even miss you? No ❤️ I'd rather stay indenial Hopefully one day you can get off your chromebook and buy a real computer Do you remember how we encountered eachother? You hated me..... HIAHEIAHEIHAIEHIAEA Realizashun... We're inseparable Like 71 corns on a cob, like 71 fleas on a dog, like 71 peas in a pod, like 71 fish on a rod You're not getting anymore from me, except maybe a sip of cherry mikes - I don't do jack daniles I don't need to post every single detail on here, you already know what you really are to me I'd write this on a Soviet typewriter in Cyrillic, just for you, instead of publicizing it on the forum Then I would deliver it to you personally You know how it is, short and sweet Thank you for being a part of my life, I couldn't ask for a better one to share it with
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