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  1. Hello Your account is locked out. Since it isn't possible for you to open a ticket on "locked out" help topic by yourself, you can either contact a Volunteer here on the forum, or use the Newticket form. Make sure you select "Locked Out" as the type of ticket you want. If you contact a volunteer, please be sure to include your Registered Username, Identification Number, and the Email address associated with your account. Once the ticket is created, a volunteer will ask security questions to verify the authenticity of the request.
  2. Fallas :'(

    1. Norman


      lady gaga omg GIF by Golden GlobesNo partying for you, young man.

  3. Quanto avevi ragione quando hai parlato di ciò che sapevi

  4. #TeamSerenadePawn Spread some love! Good collection
  5. Good morning! The issue has to be solved by opening a ticket under the "Locked Out" help topic, but since you won't be available to do it by yourself, a ticket must be opened for you. You can either contact one of the volunteers by clicking message from the ones on the staff list or use the form to request a locked out ticket. You can find the form here. In case you message one volunteer privately, make sure you include the Registered Username, Identification Number, and the Email address associated with your account. Once the ticket is created, a volunteer wi
  6. Even if there's a favourite year for everyone, we should move back and think about what we learnt every single year. It might not be your favourite, but there will always be something to learn from previous years that made it important and special, including good and bad memories.
  7. You are so creative NoSense! I can feel the demon vibes inside these ones. Keep it up and thank you for sharing!
  8. Sergio

    Win 1500 XATS

    Sergio (187744205)
  9. Happy birthday David! 

    Enjoy your day as much as possible and thank you being as friendly as you are. <3

    1. David


      Thank you Sergio <333

  10. Best FUNCTION: Category Best STICKER: Mythy Best ANIMAL: Meerkat Best FX: Energyfx Best VALENTINE: Valentinefx Best HALLOWEEN: Fear Best CHRISTMAS: Kris Best SUPER COLLECTION: Supersanta
  11. Hello users, Since 2019 is almost over and it's always helpful to hear from users, there is an open survey to rate and share your opinion about the content posted on the xat Facebook's page in 2019. We are open to hear suggestions, improvements and any criticism that might be useful to improve the current Facebook content. It's a short survery so it will take you a few minutes of your time. You can also use this post to share any feedback about the Facebook page too. Thank you for your cooperation. Here's the link of the Survey: http://forms.gle/fjpnsqF8DfnXdZ5C9
  12. Hello, According to what I understood from your post, you shouldn't be worried in first please because you have never traded anything with the person that you are talking about, so even if the person sends reports like the one you mentioned, volunteers will always verify the accusation before taking measures. I've also checked trade events, checked the screenshots and the best thing to do in most of these cases is to take proofs of the person flaming and report it inmediately to a moderador, as you did. The person flaming will be kicked/banned out of the chat. That's why mode
  13. Muy buenas! Para poder desbloquear tu cuenta, tienes que enviar un ticket a través de http://xat.com/ticket con tu cuenta, y seleccionar como Help Topic "Account block". Asegúrate de poner como "Subject" 5 palabras o más. Una vez enviado, la respuesta suele tardar entre 1 y 3 días. Después, ellos podrán investigar el por qué estás bloqueadx Recuerda que el ticket tiene que estar escrito en inglés.
  14. Sergio


    Contributors have never been listed as staff because they have never been considered as staff. Also, moderators are still listed as staff but since we don't have any moderators with the current role of moderating only, volunteers and admins are the only ones on the list right now. As Abrahan said, you can use the search engine to find the different roles that we have on the forum right now, and these different groups won't be listed as staff for obvious reasons (mainly because they are not considered as staff).
  15. Got the prize. Guys happy holidays from xat.com! Thank you so much Bryan. <3
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