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  1. Make sure we remember this event by adding these ID's: 271120 112720 27112020 11272020 So excited to see what xat has prepared for us
  2. People might have not noticed this and could be useful for those who want to change the Theme on mobile: Scroll down to the bottom of the forum page and you'll find "Theme". Click on it and you'll see both themes to choose.
  3. Hi Nosense! I understand that you want to post this on the forum but this is not the place to report such things. I've noticed in one of your screenshots (https://prnt.sc/u1iap0) that Anas (AnasWin (122163304)) is online. Trade owners are there for several reasons and this is one of them. If you need to report anything about user's behaviour and/or moderator activities, they will help you and give you answers for the issue you're reporting. If you don't consider that owners can solve your issue, you can contact the main owner directly through the "send message" b
  4. Felicidades Abrahan! Disfruta mucho de tu día!!

    1. Abrahan


      ¡Sergiooo! Muchas gracias (hug)

  5. Thank you for being dedicated as much as you are to xat. Congratulations and welcome to the group! 


    Teddy Bear Hug GIF

    1. Luana


      I'm really so happy and I really have no words, thank you for the welcome and this message makes me feel so loved.
      bear kiss GIF

  6. Hi! You need the following powers for hat#hp to work: (hat) + (rainbows) + (reghide). In case you have reghide, turn it on and test the pawn again (it should be working). You need reghide for the pawn to work. Test it out and see if it works!
  7. Omg I found Scar in my friends list!!! What a cool feature!!! It was harder to find the smiley selector than the actual smiley. Say hello to my (zany)!
  8. Happy birthday!!!

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you Sergio (hug)(blowkiss)

  9. Happy birthday Mihai! (hug)

    1. Mihai


      Thank you,bro(hug)


  10. Got my prize! Thank you so much Bau
  11. Sergio (187744205) Thank you so much for the contest Bau! We truly appreciate them.
  12. Happy birthday Exin!! You will always be my favourite banned person :@(hug)  Have a nice day!

    1. Exin


      Thank you @Sergio :@(hug) 


  13. We would like to thank everyone who joined and/or participated in the tournament. If you haven't followed xat's Facebook page yet, feel free to do so if you want to be updated with the latest information about xat. Stay tuned! More contests are coming on its way!! Congratulations to the winners!
  14. 1 HOUR LEFT UNTIL THE 1ST DAY OF THE TOURNAMENT STARTS! HURRY UP AND GET PREPARED! Here are the rules you will need to follow: 1. You are not allowed to use the "Reset" button when playing with someone. If you are found doing so, you will be eliminated. The only circumstance where this will be allowed is if there is a glitch or bug on both sides and you need to reset. 2. It is recommended you play with the Four in a Row application beside the chat. If it's appearing above, try zooming out in your browser settings. 3. If you win a match, you wil
  15. Hello dear forum users, Do you think you have what it takes to be xat's FOUR IN A ROW CHAMPION??!! Now is YOUR CHANCE! 🏆🥇 Come play in xat's Four in a Row Single Elimination Tournament!! WHEN: Friday, May 15th and Saturday, May 16th @ 7:30PM UTC/3:30 PM EST (both days) WHERE: xat.com/HTML5 PRIZES: 1st place - 2,500 xats, 2nd place - 1,500 xats, 3rd place - 1,000 xats (both days) Note: You can participate in the tournament on both days. All languages welcome! SEE YOU THERE!
  16. I'm sorry to tell you but unfortunately, the xat forum isn't the place to "expose" any behaviour. Even though you consider that informing xat staff is worthless, arguing about your ban here won't help either (and we can't do anything either, so as I said, reporting that might be the best idea). Most of the chats consider insulting the chat environment a way of disrespectful, which is completely fair, but that's my point of view. I cannot tell you anything else, just wait for your ban time to be over and consider thinking about what you say next time.
  17. Hey, Considering that we don't know what you did for the main to say that, I don't think I could classify the situation as an abusive behaviour. Aside from that, if you consider that the behaviour showed by the main owner is abusive then proceed to report the chat (click the inappropiate button at the bottom right of the chat). It is better than doing nothing.
  18. Ojalá se pudiera, pero por ahí es la única manera de poder tratar este tipo de temas. Nosotros proporcionamos información, pero a través de ticket es como se tiene que resolver. Estoy seguro de que podrá desbloquearse en menos tiempo. Intenta ser lo más paciente posible y lo siento mucho por no poder hacer más.
  19. Te lo decía por si estabas recibiendo algún mensaje sospechoso o era alguien diciéndotelo directamente. Como te he dicho, no te preocupes, contesta a lo que te van pidiendo en el ticket que tienes abierto que es la manera para poder resvolver el problema de tu cuenta. Muchas gracias aún así por la información!
  20. Hola otra vez, @xLuuckyy! No te preocupes. Tienes ya un ticket oficial abierto sobre este tema y no hace falta que abras también un topic aquí dentro del foro. Sigue contestando dentro de ese mismo ticket a las preguntas que te hagan para que puedan resolver tu problema.
  21. Hola! Ya que no tienes acceso a la cuenta porque sabes los datos pero no te acuerdas del email y no te deja hacer login, lo mejor que puedes hacer es enviar un ticket en xat.com/ticket y seleccionar Lost access como help topic. Para poder enviar este ticket, necesitas enviarlo desde otra cuenta registrada (no hace falta que sea la que no tienes acceso). Por otro lado, cómo sabes que han enviado un ticket pidiéndote el mail? Te lo ha dicho alguien porque lo ha recibido, te ha llegado a ti un mail pidiéndote datos, o simplemente presupones que a alguien se lo han pedido
  22. Hello, According to what you said, your account got locked out. Since you cannot open a ticket in the correct department by yourself, a ticket must be opened by a volunteer. Here are the steps you need to follow: Click here to open the request form Select Locked out in Type of request Fill out your xat information: including your xat registered name, ID and the e-mail associated to your locked account. Once the ticket is created, a volunteer will ask security questions to verify the authenticity of the request.
  23. Sergio


    Sergio (187744205)
  24. Since quarantine hit us hard, it's always good to know about another tv shows so, here I am to bring you guys one for the list (and also to revive this thread): - My favourite tv show is The Good Doctor. Give it a try if you like Dramas. (Please I'd advice to include one source where we can have information about the show OR type a short plot about it. Please no spoilers)
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