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    It looks pretty cool! I kinda like the examples you have provided and it's a pretty useful feature to be added. Thank you for suggesting such a good power!
  2. The purpose of smilies is to use them on its own, and that's what you can do with eachocolate. It's just a different smiley from a power. You can even recolour the chocolate effect so you can do beautiful combinations with it! For example, use your imagination and try to combine effects with eachocolate such as spiralfx, glitterfx...
  3. Congratulations Nathan! You are such a great addition to the team.
  4. Hey! This is an example of someone trying to scam you. Don't forget that Administrators and volunteers will NEVER ask for passwords or powers. I advice you to report the account and read xat.wiki/Safety in order to keep updated on some tips to be safe online.
  5. I got my mime. Thank you so much Nathan and congratulations to those who won!
  6. Sergio (187744205) Thank you so much for the Contests @HelperNate! We do appreciate all the effort to give us free products and entertain us even though we don't say it that much. Please admins, let Nathan BREATH for a week and release an unlimited power. <3
  7. Fun fact for those who didn't notice: 4 weeks ago, when fashion released, Fashion's description on xat.com/getpowers already mentioned that there would be a new "Hobbies" collection.
  8. I've decided to bring my old laptop back to life and check what I had. This is my first xat screenshot ever (It was the first time I was participating in a forum contest). My body wasn't ready to see the gameban legends that Contests had: 2011 was a good year to start discovering xat Tempmod at Games (back in 2012): Tempmod Screenshot Here's a few screnshots back in 2012 - 2013 when I got tempmember, member and perm mod in xat5: Tempmember 1 Screenshot Tempmember 2 Screenshot Member Screenshot Mod Screenshot I got tempowner at xat_test in Dec. 2013, when volunteers were mains and they decided to choose a tempowner per day: Here's a my very first tempmod at Trade (Jan. 2013): Tempmod Screenshot My owner Trial at Contests (2013): And this is probably my favourite screenshot ever (Happy birthday xat!): Adding a funny one cause why not:
  9. I can't handle the cuteness. Good job @Anti Did you just uwu a power?
  10. Thank you so much for the prize & for hosting contests Nathan! And congratulations to the winners.
  11. Sergio

    New Store page

    We have a trade engine to find several powers cheaper. I don't know those statistics but according to the current system, I suppose we don't need that feature right now if we use my statement as a point of view. It might be good for security purposes but apart from that, I don't see a benefit from it.
  12. Sergio

    New Store page

    It looks pretty cool. I love how powers are being distributed and the search feature as well. I don't like the checkout thingy because people don't usually use the xat store to buy different powers at once, so I don't think it's needed.
  13. Got my prize. Congratulations to the winners!
  14. Happy International Women's Day. Don't let others make you forget that you women are stronger than ever. 

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