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  1. Make sure we remember this event by adding these ID's: 271120 112720 27112020 11272020 So excited to see what xat has prepared for us
  2. People might have not noticed this and could be useful for those who want to change the Theme on mobile: Scroll down to the bottom of the forum page and you'll find "Theme". Click on it and you'll see both themes to choose.
  3. Hi Nosense! I understand that you want to post this on the forum but this is not the place to report such things. I've noticed in one of your screenshots (https://prnt.sc/u1iap0) that Anas (AnasWin (122163304)) is online. Trade owners are there for several reasons and this is one of them. If you need to report anything about user's behaviour and/or moderator activities, they will help you and give you answers for the issue you're reporting. If you don't consider that owners can solve your issue, you can contact the main owner directly through the "send message" b
  4. Felicidades Abrahan! Disfruta mucho de tu día!!

    1. Abrahan


      ¡Sergiooo! Muchas gracias (hug)

  5. Thank you for being dedicated as much as you are to xat. Congratulations and welcome to the group! 


    Teddy Bear Hug GIF

    1. Luana


      I'm really so happy and I really have no words, thank you for the welcome and this message makes me feel so loved.
      bear kiss GIF

  6. Hi! You need the following powers for hat#hp to work: (hat) + (rainbows) + (reghide). In case you have reghide, turn it on and test the pawn again (it should be working). You need reghide for the pawn to work. Test it out and see if it works!
  7. Our favorite teddy bear! (hug)🍭🍭

    bear kiss GIF

  8. Omg I found Scar in my friends list!!! What a cool feature!!! It was harder to find the smiley selector than the actual smiley. Say hello to my (zany)!
  9. Happy birthday!!!

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you Sergio (hug)(blowkiss)

  10. Happy birthday Mihai! (hug)

    1. Mihai


      Thank you,bro(hug)


  11. Got my prize! Thank you so much Bau
  12. Sergio (187744205) Thank you so much for the contest Bau! We truly appreciate them.
  13. Happy birthday Exin!! You will always be my favourite banned person :@(hug)  Have a nice day!

    1. Exin


      Thank you @Sergio :@(hug) 


  14. <3 

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