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  1. We could have a pawn with a cowboy hat and a hand delivering a sheriff's badge.
  2. I feel sarcasm in ur very beauty compliment
  3. Sounds good, in my times of xat I used to be quite sad about protection mode, this always saddens who isn't part of the raids group and needs to complete the capcha tirelessly times,.
  4. The milk comes first, then you eat your milk and drink your cereal ...ergh
  5. I loved that five icon ♥.♥
  6. Mandy

    Paid USER

    I sincerely hope your idea is not accepted. It doesn't make sense to taint the display with a useless symbol. Another reason to users prove scam attempts again because of symbols. I think that their obligation to xat services is to buy directly from the site, you don't deserve a badge that represents you buy with xat.com, the fact that you are paid user already exepresses it -.-'
  7. Love you ♥ xoxo

  8. Good idea to who likes to play cards ;p
  9. A very expressive opinion, but I don't think the power idea itself was bad so bad.
  10. This project is by far being improved, I think we are close to seeing a new beginning in the bots.
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