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  1. Xat's customer service needs improving and paid users deserve friendly, professional and prompt support. The comment above from a "volunteer" is a great example of why users are wanting better customer service on top of the ticket delays. A paying customer to Xat expressing concerns shouldn't be met with a humiliating comment from a Volunteer of Xat basically telling him that his thread shouldn't have been created in the first place. As others have stated volunteers should care about the users. I think a lot of the problems with delayed tickets could be solved with a paid professional handling the support at least for the paid users of Xat. With a professional support system users would feel comfortable to spend more money and time on Xat as well knowing they could get help when they need it.
  2. Such a cute power. Great idea Marya.
  3. I think it would be unfortunate for Xat to start making controversial and divisive powers like this. Primarily because users with every power are forced to buy them wether they agree or not in order to maintain ruby pawn.
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