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  1. I joined xat in May 2012 and have seen a huge downfall throughout 2010s. Here in 2019 even I hardly ever visit xat. Only to say hi occasionally. What hope do you think xat has in the 2020s?
  2. Hi Jonathan! (hug)

  3. When I was 9 I use to watch Cartoon Network. Cow And Chicken was the one that drove my parents mad and I thought it was funny. Even use to laugh when they said it's coming on next too.
  4. There's so many people including me who haven't been active for ages. Not sure if they still come on xat but I'll mention a couple of users that were staff at Help I thought were very good then suddenly disappeared. There was Vertie whom I always used to flirt with and some guy I remember that had 1984 in his username. Always brilliant at watching chatrooms on promotions.
  5. On here you can vote for as many as you like so long as you regularly eat at them. I've put Wendy's that's not been available in the UK since 2007. There are also a couple of others that USA don't have such as Costa.
  6. Seems a lot of people like the Turkish chats meaning that I should have done a poll saying what's your favourite language chatrooms and I'd have sure voted for Spanish.
  7. I didn't include the ones in different languages but it seems like most people prefer them better than English chats.
  8. Long time no posts so I just returned with a poll on what official chat you like best with 10 opinions plus an other one if it's something I've not put down.
  9. Although I joined xat in May 2012 I first used the name Jonathan1990 on a discussion site in 2010 which does not exist now I don't think where I only posted once. The name became popular on radio chats and forums based in the UK during 2011. However the very first site I became a member on was TV. Com in 2007 under the username 01milnej which I had from 2002 at school on their computers. This was to write a review about my hatred for Family Guy at the time. Would like to know how long you've had your username for and if you had another username before it.
  10. Thanks for the votes. It's been made clearly that the 3 main reasons are people moving on with their life, November 2015 databreach and boredom. As for the ones with under 5 votes. People falling out happens a lot or keyboard warriors as it is called in the UK. I know of 1 user who got into a fight with me and hasn't come back on xat since. Cannot say reasons though. Scammers were a big thing around 2013 time with some users doing a doubling powers trick that was a glitch to scam people. xat volunteers have been and removed content under chatrooms before. I remember one user that had a dog and ball game thing where you threw ball and he ran after that ball. I also had a hit counter that got removed. As for accounts getting torched I'm sure that lost a few but it would be the least reason of the 10 for me. Last of all I did think xat started going downhill when the homepage changed from been promoted chats at the right and featured to the left to promotions at top with others underneath.
  11. It's ok now as I got my computer back and don't need mobile app.
  12. Another forum user did a discussion on this topic earlier this year but I thought I'd make this poll with the 10 most obvious reasons I'm thinking has made xat loose it's popularity over the last few years to find the true reason based on users options here.
  13. Tried loads of times but still getting sent emails to confirm although when I click the link and it says successful. Despite not buying any days in ages this has worked on other phones until now. This present phone I have though refreshers the apps every time I come out meaning everything has reset.
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