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  1. Make my own top 100 song albums if the copyright laws didn't exist.
  2. For historic car drives in USA there is the famous Route 66. Over in the UK there's another similar one that's not signposted called The Great North Road. It connected London in England with Edinburgh in Scotland. Here's a YouTube link of this guy doing it. Which do you like better?
  3. Here are all the different ones from both UK and US with 30 options that I can think of and yes England opened it's first Wendy's since 2007 in Reading last month June 2021. 1 - 10: International 11 - 20: USA Only 21 - 27: UK Only 28 - 30: Ireland Only 31: Other Not Listed
  4. I have noticed that many Spanish and some Portuguese chatrooms have a xat Bingo. Users choose 5 numbers ranging from 1 - 90 which they put in their username. An owner then calls them out randomly in chatbox. Whoever wins gets something like 500 xats. I've never seen this done on any English chats though. Wonder how it would work as there's always the official Game chat.
  5. So have you had any moments on xat that's made you mad? I've had a few that are a bit harsh to talk about but if I was to mention 1 unique and memorable moment where I got mad it would be that April Fools Day excrement power joke back in 2016. I went on holiday that day and I'd just got into my hotel room, got my tablet out and logged into xat to find feces in everyone's name, thinking what the hell is going on here. In disgust I remember going into the bathroom with it, changing to a null account to vent anger out on the Help chat. Staff were very good about it though and told me not to get so mad and that people are entitled their own opinions. After then I calmed down. As you'll probably know that changed to fools the next day.
  6. Thought this would be a very good poll for xat as I bet loads of people here like Pizza. Options 1 - 10 are actually the top ten pizza chains in America which I've found in the link below if Crow allows that. 11 - 14, more good pizza places in the UK and option 15 another that's not listed. I have't put any exclusively in Australia down. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/65518/top-10-us-pizza-chains
  7. According to Wikipedia the 10 worst hit countries are currently like this. 1. China 2. Italy 3. Iran 4. Spain 5. Germany 6. South Korea 7. France 8. United States 9. Switzerland 10. United Kingdom
  8. First time I've done a poll for mobile phone networks worldwide. In this poll options 1 - 4 are USA networks although T-Mobile is still available in some parts of Europe but not Britain any more. 5 - 9 are UK and Ireland with option 8 Vodafone been available across many countries worldwide including India. 10 - 11 are Australia.
  9. I've done a poll on asking what your best years were on xat from 2006 to 2019. My votes are between 2012 and 2014. Had a lot of good and bad memories during that period of time on xat. Did lots of promos too.
  10. I joined xat in May 2012 and have seen a huge downfall throughout 2010s. Here in 2019 even I hardly ever visit xat. Only to say hi occasionally. What hope do you think xat has in the 2020s?
  11. When I was 9 I use to watch Cartoon Network. Cow And Chicken was the one that drove my parents mad and I thought it was funny. Even use to laugh when they said it's coming on next too.
  12. There's so many people including me who haven't been active for ages. Not sure if they still come on xat but I'll mention a couple of users that were staff at Help I thought were very good then suddenly disappeared. There was Vertie whom I always used to flirt with and some guy I remember that had 1984 in his username. Always brilliant at watching chatrooms on promotions.
  13. On here you can vote for as many as you like so long as you regularly eat at them. I've put Wendy's that's not been available in the UK since 2007. There are also a couple of others that USA don't have such as Costa.
  14. Seems a lot of people like the Turkish chats meaning that I should have done a poll saying what's your favourite language chatrooms and I'd have sure voted for Spanish.
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