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  1. Although I joined xat in May 2012 I first used the name Jonathan1990 on a discussion site in 2010 which does not exist now I don't think where I only posted once. The name became popular on radio chats and forums based in the UK during 2011. However the very first site I became a member on was TV. Com in 2007 under the username 01milnej which I had from 2002 at school on their computers. This was to write a review about my hatred for Family Guy at the time. Would like to know how long you've had your username for and if you had another username before it.
  2. Poll On Why xat Is Getting Less Busy

    That seems one of the reasons as well.
  3. Poll On Why xat Is Getting Less Busy

    Thanks for the votes. It's been made clearly that the 3 main reasons are people moving on with their life, November 2015 databreach and boredom. As for the ones with under 5 votes. People falling out happens a lot or keyboard warriors as it is called in the UK. I know of 1 user who got into a fight with me and hasn't come back on xat since. Cannot say reasons though. Scammers were a big thing around 2013 time with some users doing a doubling powers trick that was a glitch to scam people. xat volunteers have been and removed content under chatrooms before. I remember one user that had a dog and ball game thing where you threw ball and he ran after that ball. I also had a hit counter that got removed. As for accounts getting torched I'm sure that lost a few but it would be the least reason of the 10 for me. Last of all I did think xat started going downhill when the homepage changed from been promoted chats at the right and featured to the left to promotions at top with others underneath.
  4. Can't Get Into xat Mobile On New Phone

    It's ok now as I got my computer back and don't need mobile app.
  5. Another forum user did a discussion on this topic earlier this year but I thought I'd make this poll with the 10 most obvious reasons I'm thinking has made xat loose it's popularity over the last few years to find the true reason based on users options here.
  6. Can't Get Into xat Mobile On New Phone

    Tried loads of times but still getting sent emails to confirm although when I click the link and it says successful. Despite not buying any days in ages this has worked on other phones until now. This present phone I have though refreshers the apps every time I come out meaning everything has reset.
  7. Whether it was a xat chatroom or somewhere else how did it make you feel when seeing that negative message saying you've been banned for first time? Mine was 31st March 2011 on a radio forum and chatroom which was the very first site I joined as Jonathan1990 before I knew xat existed. Someone I was friends with in real life had a DJ shop and played there. I however could not get on with the other users. The first ban made me very upset and confused what had happened. These days on xat if that happens I just think oh well it's only a chat website and move on.
  8. Back in 2014 I sometimes use to reset the browser and it gave me a new xat ID. I then found out I was a mod or owner in some chatrooms with that ID. This meant other people had been given the same ID. Wonder if anyone else experienced it when becoming a null on the site back then.
  9. Having Problems With The Xat Mobile App

    I'm in now thanks for the help.
  10. Having Problems With The Xat Mobile App

    Just tried that and now I'm getting mobile device authorization failed please try again.
  11. Just downloaded a mobile app for xat on Google Play but when I try and get into a chat it gets a message saying Log On.
  12. How did you discover xat?

    In 2011 I used to go on UK radio forums and one day around November 2011 a chatbox went down in a website and a moderator temporary installed a xat chat until admin fixed the main website chat. Another website also used a xat chat I visited in December 2011 too. I was unaware of what it was then. In May 2012 after falling out with and getting banned from a forum I created my own DJ website and found xat for a place to have your own chat room. I then saw there was a lot more to xat than just embedding chats onto websites.
  13. Opinions On Role Play Chats

    I've come across a few. These are the chatrooms where people never really have a good conversation with you. Just play acting stuff. There are also a lot of underage users on them. That's my opinions anyway.
  14. Get rid of Flirt

    I just came across this thread today and find this stuff very interesting. Flirt was created for people to find a boyfriend/girlfriend and use that marry/bff feature which I think myself is really silly after over 5 years of experience on xat. It may be good for people that know what they're doing but it's a terrible idea for vulnerable people that just want someone to marry/bff with. It can cause the following problems: 1. Imagine if your a guy wanting to marry/bff a woman and you succeed only to find out about 3 days later it's a gay man. 2. Half the people on xat are emo and have very dark humor on this kind of stuff. 3. You may loose friends if you ask someone like I have found out the hard way by asking a certain woman then getting shut down by them unfriending you as their obversely not interested. 4. Sometimes you can marry/bff but waste 200 xats as within about 3 - 24 hours they can divorce you. 5. Say your a 30 year old man and you start talking to some random woman. That could turn out to be an 11 year old girl too young for xat using a picture of a supermodel. It can turn an innocent guy into a pedophile immediately. 6. This is not real life it's the internet so why have a marry/bff feature anyway. It's not like your going to meet these people and doesn't make sense. It's also on some other sites terms of service not to meet up. So never mind Flirt I think xat needs to get rid of the marry/bff feature. I know a lot of people like it and probably will not agree with this. It's just my opinions on subjects like this.
  15. This is the top five of what I've seen. 5. The Bot Raids (Anytime) - I suppose most users have seen a chat been bot raided and it does violate the TOS for anyone to use the tool or software that does it but owners treat all bot raiders the same way by doing a /pr or use kickall. 4. The Unbanable LOLWUT Bot (June 2012) - Just after I joined xat I remember a strange LOLWUT bot coming into promoted chats audie spamming the high-pitched scream one which got users very annoyed and xat later made audies sound only by clicking on them. 3. Radio Servers Shut Down (December 2013) - There was a user around who I was actually friends with but there was one bad thing about him. He knew how to shut off radio servers and was even asking me what radio chats he should do. One even had to close for a couple of weeks before getting back to normal which was the one he was mainly targeting. Xat were unaware of this problem at the time. 2. Trade Taken Over (July 2012) - This happened the day after I moved into my apartment which I missed with not having my computer set up. A turk team took over the Trade chat and were banning everyone that came in. Xat later got Trade back to normal that day. But there is one really big incident to top all incidents in xat history and here it is on below. 1. Whole Xat Site Took Over (November 2015) - Some user took over the whole of xat and two chats were stuck on promotion for about three weeks and the only rank was guest. Users could no longer login or buy xat. They were ages getting the site back to normal. And I think this has to be in my knowledge the biggest of all time. I'm not sure about anything recent with not being in the chats much.