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  1. 14 minutes ago, Page said:

    The position or title is not intended for volunteers, if you are manager of some official xat, must know the necessity that such xats has to prestige good works that are increasingly scarce.


    What I meant was that your suggestion of new ranks are not necessary (the same as the current forum 'emeritus vol' one) and would just cause outrage from a few individuals.

  2. The word retired (emeritus) means retired, not kicked outThis thread sounds more personal more than anything. 


    Most points you've stated against it don't even make sense. 


    You said people use this to impersonate, phish and scam. First of all, has this been reported at all? Secondly, scammers attempt to impersonate volunteers all the time, retired or not retired. You also stated they impersonate as you and you don't even have the title. So how would removing the title stop anything if you don't even have the title? So going by what you said in the same argument, phishing and scamming would take place regardless of having the title or no title. 


    Your other argument of volunteers fighting to keep the ticket system anonymous also makes absolutely zero sense. They were not anonymous on the forum or even the wiki. The reason they kept that anonymity was to avoid being harassed due to ticket replies. Counter arguing that point with "not being priveleged to the discussion" shows you've lost that one. 


    And for the record, volunteers who were not listed anywhere was done by personal choice, the same goes for this forum title. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Cutie said:


    Phew... a lot of stress and determination went into this background.

    I haven't designed in a while so I hope you all like it. 

    Let me know what you think, thanks! 

    Button Code: #053d7a










    Flat Inner Temp by Rant (tweaked a bit).

    Help Logo by Navith (tweaked a bit as well, but used as a base).



    sicc bg grill

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