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  1. xat is what games needed years ago to easily communicate on. Assuming that's where most of the user base came from. With Club Penguin shutting down, I suppose it'll decline further. However, for most gamers (who I hope have moved onto better games) xat isn't ideal against apps like Teamspeak3/Ventrilo/Discord. Radio stations were a big thing, but who actively listens to the radio anymore unless you're in your parents/grandparents car? (this might not be true for everyone) but if things like Spotify/YouTube and other music apps never existed, I would only listen to the radio then. For a business to run, it needs to keep up and be aware of it's competitors. Launching powers was a success. But let's not forget xat is a business and businesses make money. While I disagree with weekly powers, it's likely paying the bills. But for a business to run, it needs to offer what the users want, not what the business wants. Contributors was introduced to give xat a more "diverse" outlook on things rather than constantly having a volunteer opinion. This was a good idea in the beginning, but I feel it quickly became another clique. For a business to run more efficiently, it probably needs real employees. Nevertheless, there were users who genuinely cared about xat. There were users who constantly reported bugs. And there probably still is, but it's definitely not as huge as it used to be. Herzberg's 2 factor theory is a good start on that topic. So lastly, for a business to run, it needs to listen to it's user base. Just ask yourself this question, "Would I introduce or recommend xat to anyone else?" and then ask yourself why.
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