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  1. miss you everyday  

  2. Hope you're having a ball up there. 


    Miss you and love you endlessly, always. 





  3. 13th october. one year today. it never  really got easier. i guess you just learn to live with the feeling. it still just feels like yesterday. i miss you a lot. there’s never a day that goes by where i don’t think about you and all the things i wish i had done differently. i love you, always. 

  4. Miss you, still can’t believe it’ll be a year soon since you’ve left us. =/ Love you always. ❤️

  5. Rexor

    Happy birthday Rida!!

    1. Rida


      thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  6. Happy birthday !

    1. Rida


      thanks 11 :) 

  7. Happy Birthday, @Rida! I hope all continues to go well for you. I haven’t seen you around anywhere for quite some time. Reach out and say hello sometime 😅😊

    1. Rida


      awwww, thank u! ive been busy. :) 

  8. Happy Birthday!

    1. Rida


      thank you! :P

  9. Happy Birthday

    1. Rida


      thanks fb91

  10. Marek

    Happy Birthday! (hug)

    1. Rida


      thank u (hug)

  11. Happy  Birthday 

    1. Rida


      thank u !

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