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  8. @SLOom Chrome 73 as well, and yes I use Windows OS
  9. My settings for animated smiles is ALWAYS on, ruling out that reason as to why I'm still seeing blurry smiles, aside from your point about the pawns. Yes it should be fixed soon. But this is what you get for using Chrome anyway.
  10. Html5 Clients on Chrome browser have 'animated' similes and pawns that appear blurry.
  11. A topic to discuss about weather or not xat will consider including subtracted ID's in the new HTML5 chat update in the near future. To some those who already know, the new version of the chat currently does not subtract the 'zeros' from users with ID abbreviations 'M' or 'B' affixed to their ID's like the old flash chat does. I'm curious to know from you guys what you think, should they? and is it really necessary?
  12. Hey! Here's an idea. How about real staff? Nah... You have a community based system that relies on itself, yet it doesn't feel like one. Honestly I believe xat doesn't care at all, they know it's coming. Instead of hiring people to work for xat they do the opposite. You never hear of this website anywhere, not on the news or articles. The general population haven't even heard of "xat" Hahaha. Some users are clinging on to hope for a better site experience. But I don't see a change or a shift towards 'modernization' coming anytime soon. But hey, good luck with that whole mobile app thingy...
  13. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS: xPollita (592658849) 1st - 3000 xats BlueColour1 (1497375566) 2nd - 1500 xats Kotu (61241919) 3rd - 500 xats
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