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  1. This suggestion needs to be made.Why?


    Because as a social media website that brings together a bunch of people, it is important to recognize different communities that are on xat and xats failure to do that is very astonishing. Rainbow pawn was something that was suggested long ago and was universally liked and now that the suggestion attaches pride to it becomes a maybe? Different social media companies also recognize pride month as well. xat does its best to celebrate holidays, customs and traditions with no issue. Halloween is very controversial as well to some religions but xat still has a multitude of powers recognizing it. I feel like in 2020 it is time for xat to get out of the shadows and start being culturally relevant and catch up with the times.I throw my full support behind this suggestion and in the hopes more suggestions that recognize different backgrounds and way of life will be promoted on this site. 


    Thanks for coming to my TED talk everyone lol.

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