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  1. wonderful artwork @J0hn
  2. Jine

    New Hats

    From this url https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hat_styles It might help
  3. Jine

    Win Koffee

    Jine(8888888) kitty (666000000) Actually, I am single but as you indicate that i can put name who i greatly admire on xat.
  4. Jine

    HAppy Birthday , Mihai


  5. Jine

    HaPPY birthday,SlOom


    1. SLOom


      Thank you Jine! :D 

  6. It used to occure once, It's back but now it bug again
  7. Jine

    499 KOFFEE

    Yeah , we need a break
  8. Happy Birthday , Savannah

    1. Savannah


      Thank you! 

  9. Jine

    HaPPY Birthday , Abbie

    1. Abbie


      Thanks love! 

  10. That would be nice. I like it
  11. Such a wonderful contest. Credit for @miaa and all staff. let me vote. From my opinion , someone who dedicated xat stuff such as moderator of help and trade. @6 is one. Moreover, she also is good designer of mushroom power. Indeed, she is my model for wiki editor. Bella I heard fame about you since Spell(ex-volunteer) time.
  12. That's cool idea. It might be a feature of paid user. (in my opinion)
  13. nice development , cool stuff
  14. good idea @J0hn I look forward to seeing new hats pawns
  15. Jine

    Happy Birthday

    1. Angel


      Late reply but thank you.

  16. Happy birthday


    1. Dimple


      Thank u @Jine😘

  17. wonderful pcback :)
  18. Excellent design , power hats is pretty cool good job u guys :)
  19. Jine


    Brandon , volunteer xat.com here said to you already that you must be a paid user for this type of issue to be solved so Please do. Thank you
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