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  1. Jine

    Login pin link not appearing in e-mail

    @6for me I have not confront any issues when using with Hotmail while I log in xat
  2. Jine

    Happy Birthday Guppy 


  3. Hello Blanky. i see u be a editor of xat.chat blog  cool (8-))

    1. Blacky


      Hey Jine! 


      Thanks (hug)


  4. Jine

    Share PRINT - Button

    yes i think xat can make innovative thing related with media on the website as this discussed topic. Let's us take a look how innovative thing will gonna be.I support this idea @Bau @Paulo2 or someone if you justify more discuss as @6 ask It will be lovely.
  5. Jine

    ARCBot LOGO REVISION - 10,000 xats

    I am not sure that this contest need A verified prize holder or not. Please take a look at guidelines in part Contests and Events Section Guidelines number 3 . If need please take a look this post to get in touch with verified prize holders for contest
  6. Jine

    Happy Birthday Rida


    1. Rida


      thank u jine :)

  7. Happy Birthday Javiergomez

  8. Jine

    Myers–Briggs Type Indicator

    mine https://www.16personalities.com/profiles/679b7a2581119 ESFJ-A
  9. It looks warm indeed @Bau
  10. Jine


    Three contests are wonderful. I esteem @Sydno for making. It can make people be friends together like xat objective
  11. Jine

    Mushrooms power

    @miaamushdance interesting thought <3 ็How it gonna looklike when doodles it here is dance idea credit for @Cupim https://media.giphy.com/media/1wfbrwSEtdAmQ/giphy.gif It is not unusual that smiles might repetitive .(in my opinion) because xat have many kinds of powers to be useful for users so It will be okay if smiles might repetitive but if new smiley come out, it will be cool.
  12. Happy Birthday , Christy


  13. Jine

    Acid power

    I like your drawing. @6you might try drawing them also. Such a innovative thought! way to think about Pawns , Hug

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