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  1. Superfire its collection power include :- Angry Firefx burningheart fireworkshug fireworksfx This power can add other burning icons, such as a burning earth, you can put the letters of your name on it and a burning heart in another way. i wish seen power make me when i type burning words ... https://www.imgbbb.com/images/2020/03/05/Screenshot_10.jpg https://imgbbb.com/images/2020/03/05/Screenshot_8.jpg https://imgbbb.com/images/2020/03/05/Screenshot_7.jpg https://www.imgbbb.com/images/2020/03/05/Screenshot_9.jpg
  2. Hello marya Thanks allot for u support for me
  3. Edit :- I have made a modification that will distinguish that power and make it very different, since every person who carries that power will be able to place a box around the name Simpson. u can see it in :- http://prntscr.com/radnav http://prntscr.com/radpnl
  4. thanks for u but its not same
  5. i wana every one image that http://prntscr.com/r9guy0
  6. its not same namewave this idea It is possible to add glitter to the name, as well as making the name tilt like the image, as well as making each letter a special color http://prntscr.com/r9g5pr
  7. May be bro yellow will be good but i feeling black with snake its great thanks bro for u its not bad bro i say same not problem in color but pawn should have body and face snake with it
  8. why not admin onely have it ! i think should member have it thanks allot for u support
  9. any way thanks bro and all i have to say i wish see it in trade
  10. I know that my friend and I who made a reservation in advance, but when this power is announced and made available in the store, then all members will know that the mod its not this person who have the power that available in store , Members are not that naive
  11. When that pawn is released, everyone will know that the Admin has power in another color and that this pawn is in the hands of the members < and already people have not seen admin .
  12. I know that, and I had suggested this from years ago, but I added a change that you can see through the attached picture. I added a snake from the back and the color of the flash is changed through the eye and not the force itself
  13. Thanks bro but I think it should be in the hands of the members, especially that he is great in shape admin not open already and Members always must have the best
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