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  1. i have suggest it since 10 years ago already i think xats not need more pawns
  2. hi i have seen problem in setting make xats so slow i know we can use setting after that appearance and make animation disable all that fine but the problem The smiles stop appearing so clearly so that we know what they look like i wish if xats repair this problem bc this make me feel the old version its better
  3. wish see namefx epic like statusfx with all function
  4. i mean that but im not good in Photoshop
  5. owoba

    NAMELED Power

    i have suggest it before in 2013 but xats remove all data on site this my idea
  6. I have an idea to add to the Every Power, which is as in this picture, and making the missile around it will make everyone seek to have Every Power with him, and it will distinguish everyone who carries it more than it is now.
  7. owoba

    NAMELED Power

    its have not suggest before u have not read good its different
  8. owoba

    NAMELED Power

    I hope that the idea will be further strengthened so that it can be activated at xat
  9. With that power, you can create your privacy where no one can see your power unless you allow it to will be and on chat room wish every body like it and support it
  10. owoba

    NAMELED Power

    Thanks i hope xat will take into consideration it
  11. owoba

    NAMELED Power

    Thanks bro its ok now you can see it
  12. owoba

    NAMELED Power

    ok i will i forget it Xd
  13. owoba

    NAMELED Power

    i have update it
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