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  1. this power its epic pawn By this power u can type on box chat with any color u want to typing lets see the examples https://i.ibb.co/g6vkJsk/Letter-c-svg-copy.jpg https://i.ibb.co/WV9zNtD/Screenshot-6-copy.jpg
  2. Thanks for every one say his opinion
  3. thanks for u support
  4. i know but its possible and i wana u put u vote i have add pool on this power
  5. yeah i wish do that thanks allot bro for Your support for me
  6. i wish every one like Supername and can called (supercolor) Epic pawn power this power will be same this picture https://ibb.co/3BBmst8 https://ibb.co/khL9Q9d https://ibb.co/ykS5LWL By This power u can control your name can u make it move and put Glitter on it u can see the pic and decided if u like it
  7. owoba

    NameType power

    I've quoting the picture you sent me because it is what I was looking for
  8. owoba

    NameType power

    fade with num will disppaer all word not onely Letter
  9. owoba

    NameType power

    yes same this lafleur num may be do that but not same power make it
  10. owoba

    NameType power

    the power i think name must be ؛؛ NameType ؛؛ -- I mean It makes each letter of the name disappears and appears again as a whole This does have a character name a character and then when completed your name disappears and writes once again owoba character such a character be full and disappears and then shows the letter o w o and then w then b, then a whole then disappears . same that
  11. any way thanks for xat that make my topic remove and make people stolen my ideas
  12. And i wana say the idea for this power certified totally dependent on the movement of the colors by the color of the media it is my idea of the foundation , both when you proposing two years ago with the same name (nameflag) or now with name (name moving colors_)
  13. bro i suggest the new power with same name nameflag frm two years but i dont know where all my suggest all removed by xats community and i have suggest it again but with different name that name moving colors since a few months
  14. any way i have stopped suggest any power again bc all my ideas gone with people take it all my suggest powers in last time removed that i suggested from 2 years removed and taken now from people and have the power thats is just stolen
  15. i have suggest new power idea in last time and suggest it nameflag in last time but i dont know why xats remove all my suggest i suggest this power in last time and from some time with name name moving color in this topic i wish u give me my right to have it i swear i suggest nameflag in last time but all my suuggestd removed by xats community
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