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  1. ok thank you very much if they take away the blockade that they unfairly threw me and leave me in peace of the wrong accusations that throw me
  2. Hello good afternoon I would like to know how long it will take to remove the blockage I have in my xat.com registry the problem is the following System problem.please try later.26 send a ticket and they have not answered me yet and a few weeks ago 7 October 2017
  3. Can I talk to you privately?
  4. in the last message that they sent me I put this that I provide Hello, After further review of the evidence, we have concluded that you accessed an account that you do not own: 1472810975. We are unable to unblock your account and cannot offer a refund of the xats that were removed, because they were returned to the owner. I have spoken to the owner of that account and she tells me that she never denounced me for robbery and that I have never stolen her
  5. hello good night accuse me of having stolen a person I have talked to that person and I have the proofs of the comradeship where the girl tells me that it is a lie that I have never stolen anything and if they need the catches of the comradeship I give them alone I request that I remove the block of my registration and leave me alone and give me back my powers because I am innocent and that girl confirms that I am innocent
  6. fiona no recuerdo el correo con el cual me lo hise,en ese correo tengo mensajes con el staff de voluntario para recuperar mi registro en xat.com
  7. no es de esta cuenta es de otra mia
  8. Hola buenas tardes haber si alguien me ayuda por favor no recuerdo el correo que utilize para registrarme aqui en forumxat ayudenme algun moderador
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