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  1. EviL

    Happy Birthday GIF by swerkBenim bestim iyiki doğmuş iyiki var iyiki benim bestim en güzel doğum günü en güzel seneler bestime olsun Musmutlu yıllar canım bestim ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤(hug)

    1. Deff


      Yaaa  İyiki varsın iyiki best olmuşuzz En güzel günler bizim olsun (hug) @EviL
      Best Friends GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

  2. We will be there very well.
  3. inner : outer : outer 2 : Button Color : #150B68 :):):))))))
  4. "Accept what comes to you each day." I didn't know, but better about us :))
  5. Happy Birthday Evil!! İyi günler! :$ (hug)

    1. EviL


      Thank you very much Lemona :$(hug) get a long life, bless you. :))))

  6. it is really beautiful, I like it and you are a genius I say "Umut"
  7. I confirm prize thanks. :))))
  8. inner .. outer .. Button color : #183b80
  9. inner :)))) outer :))))) Button color : #4c48a0 My regname and id KraL (61202881)
  10. this is inner this is outer Button color : #2b4372 Smile color: #d3efff My xat regname and id KraL (61202881)
  11. sell 76398926 89556932 my ids. instant delivery. before xats. You can write KraL (61202881) to find me. /f61202881
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