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  1. Hi! Good day. Our room was hacked a few days ago, we reported it and the access was blocked. Our main admin came back, reset the room, reestablished it again and everything is ready for us to acces, only that it still indicates a connection error. We sent a few tickets about it, we're waiting to enter the room. We appreciate your support to re-enable entry. Thank you for your time.
  2. Hola! Buen día. Nuestra sala fue hackeada hace unos días, la reportamos y bloquearon el acceso. Nuestra administradora principal regresó, reseteo la sala, volvió a reestablecerla y está todo listo para que podamos ingresar, solo que nos marca error de conexión aún. Ya enviamos varios tickets, estamos en espera de poder entrar en la sala. Agradecemos su apoyo para volver a habilitar el ingreso. Gracias por su atención.
  3. Hi. Our room "Contacto" was hacked today by people who had been making threats for a long time. Our main owner is absent, we don't have an e-mail and password to recover the room or reset it. We need help, we've already raised several tickets to report it. What can we do to get them to close the room also our main owner returns? It'll only take a couple of days. We are concerned about our users and obviously those who are uploading violent and inappropriate content.
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