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  1. Hi everyone ID for sale: (121416) Contact me on Loja, or add me /f159388810 and send me a private chat. You can also contact by message on the forum. ♥ Ferimah(159388810) Thank you.
  2. Prize received thanx @Kyle
  3. 62 https://prnt.sc/13b3kx7 107 https://prnt.sc/13b3lu3
  4. xat is an essential home for me. Because I have a lot of friends here and I love them so much my favorite strength is the ruby color is very beautiful. I am spending time, I participate in competitions and I am very happy about it. ❤
  5. 4 https://prnt.sc/139c4uo 44 https://prnt.sc/139c5zs
  6. 105 https://prnt.sc/138275j 123 https://prnt.sc/13829hf
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