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  1. hiya guys! ♥ to conclude our 90s event, we want you all to post your favorite 90s throwback! this can be an image, song, game... ANYTHING! other information: you can only enter/win once! ends saturday @ 5pm EST there will be 4 winners! prize: 500 xats prize holder: @Lemona good luck & have fun! ♥
  2. Thank you so much @RobFerrarifor this EPIC background!!
  3. suggestion - add tumblr.com to social media tab please
  4. bought fade 2450 Loba(774522)
  5. Hi, please click HERE to request for a ticket to be opened for you by a volunteer. Once you get the ticket opened, you will be asked security questions to verify you are the account owner and then you'll be unlocked.
  6. happy birthday from all of us at help cloud boi!


    p.s i hope you like your background (cute)




    @Kyle @Lemona @oj @RobFerrari @xWolfx @Sanic @Stif (sorry if i forgot anyone i didn't know your @'s) 

    1. Kyle


      Happy birthday Jayden!!!!

  7. hiya guys! contest is over the winners are: @simp & @Mada please contact @Lemona when she is available to collect your prize. you can find her @ help
  8. hiya guys! ♥ we are back again with another contest to win the new power CIRCLEFX! all you need to do is post anything circular! example: other information: there will be TWO winners. prize holder: @Lemona you can only post/win ONCE. ends: sunday, 12th @ 9pm EST good luck! ♥
  9. hiya guys contest is over! ♥ the winners are: @mary17, @Nash, @Vilen, @Krisetoo & @Sven please contact @Lemona when she is available to collect your prize! you can find her at help ♥
  10. reminder: be kind! utex6HV.png

  11. hiya friends! ♥ while the fall leaves begin to turn, head on over to Help to start the fall spirits! we've got a good range of events that we hope to see you all at! here's a list of the events throughout the month: september 10th come test your knowledge and skill with Codenames happening at 5 PM EST! hosts are @Kyle and @Anush hope your phone bill isn't through the roof, because we're expecting a call from you during Gartic Phone at 9 PM EST on September 13th! users will draw and guess pictures that're given. winners will receive xats! september 15th will be clue @1pm EST CANCELLED! september 17th, come play Uno with us at 4 pm EST!! winners will receive a good sum of xats. don't forget your party hat as well, for a chance to win random xats for xat's anniversary! host @xRavennn 90's themed night september 19th @9PM EST hosts @Jayden and @RobFerrari think you've got knowledge? come join us for xat and other related trivia on september 21st at 8 pm EST!! host @mikey september 25th, come celebrate parties in a birthday party themed event at 4 PM EST!! save some cake for the rest of us! hosts @Lemona and @Loba ready to show off your drawing skills yet again? come join us for Skribbl at 9 pm EST on September 29th! codenames / skribbl tutorials if you have any questions please contact one of the following: @Lemona / @Loba / @Kyle / @xWolfx / @Anush / @mikey / @RobFerrari / @Jayden / @xRavennn
  12. Loba

    happy birthday my lovely twin. much love ♥

    1. Lola


      thank you my dear twin. love too (blowkiss)

  13. hiya guys! we have another contest for y'all! we would like for you guys to give us your feedback on which game you prefer at our events! (example: codenames, skribbl, gartic, trivia, bingo etc) or you could also let us know if you have any ideas, we are always open to trying to new things! by doing so, you have a chance to win xats! other information: there will be 5 winners! prize: 350 xats each. you can only enter once (you can edit your comment if you wish) deadline: friday, september 10th @9pm EST prize holder: @Lemona
  14. hiya guys! we have a pop party night coming up on august 27th @8:30pm EST! grab your champagne and come on down to help for some fun and win prizes! what we have going on and how it works: guess the song - (12 questions) music concert performances (users that participate must perform a song or speech with their "costume") - there will be 2 winners! guess the pop music artist - (12 questions) we encourage you all to dress up as an artist or performer! (meaning: special name and avatar etc) there will prizes for best dressed too! if you have any questions, please contact one of the following: @Lemona / @Loba / @Kyle / @mikey / @xRavennn / @xWolfx / @Jayden / @RobFerrari
  15. Loba

    happy birthday flakey xx

  16. hiya guys!♥ just a friendly reminder that we have the codenames event TODAY @9pm EST hope to see you all there! ♥
  17. ♥ wholesome content ♥ (will probably update)
  18. hi guys! ♥ contest is over. i added 2 extra prizes of 200 xats. (12 winners instead of 10) the winners are: @xRavennn / @Gluttony / @Maxo / @R2D2LoveMachine / @Vilen / @RobFerrari / @srbi9o / @pogMan / @TheYaguito / @Flake / @Mada & @Bratz please contact @Kyle when he available to collect your prize. congratulations & thank you all for participating! ♥ the words you had to find:
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