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  1. hiya guys! β™₯ tomorrow (july 27th) is wheel of fortune @ 5:15pm EST how to play: images of a summer-themed toss up challenge will be posted in the chat example: the first user to solve the puzzle will win! (ο»Ώthe answer for the example is i know what you did last summer) hope to see you all there! β™₯
  2. hiya guys β™₯ - we have a new contest for you! how it works: you have to create a summer themed pawn. example i made: (she's bee themed) pawn base you can use to create yours (you can use any colored pawn): you can use this website to create it. other information: there will be SEVEN winners. prizes: 1st place: 1,000 xats + kbee, 2nd place: kbee + 750 xats, 3rd place: kbee + 250 xats 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th: kbee prize holder: @Kyle deadline: 31st of July. judges: @Loba / @Lemona / @Kyle / @RoxStar / @MasterChief / @Jayden please credit your sources. have fun! β™₯
  3. Loba

    Happy Birthday Love GIF by EnjoyCleaning

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      Thanks Loba :o(hug)

  4. Loba

    Rose Gold Pawn

    I think having white and rose is a good idea. I also love the additional smiley backs idea. The rose gold pawn would look way different. It would be less like a crystal compared to Everypower. I want my suggestion to be more budget-friendly, so it doesn't require Everypower. These are gorgeous! Thank you for the concept
  5. Loba

    Rose Gold Pawn

    this is a great suggestion - thank you steven!
  6. hiya guys - contest is over! β™₯ winners: @Nergis, @Dork, @Mehdi & @xRavennn please contact @Kyleto collect your prize. you can usually find him at help thank you all for participating! β™₯
  7. hear me out: a rose gold pawn thank you to @Flakefor creating the concept for me. this is what it would look like: it's super cute & i feel like a lot of people would enjoy this pawn. since there's a huge price difference between pink / gold / pink EP pawn i think this would be a great idea. price range: 5-10k so it's between pink and gold. what do you guys think? β™₯ @Steven's suggestion: @Kyle's suggestion:
  8. Loba


    a paired muscle within the superficial layers out of the anterior portion of the neck.
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    4. loja
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    thank u, next
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