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  1. First three Netflix, Spotify, Youtube.
  2. I am listening to Beat It by Michael Jackson.
  3. My recommendation is the iPhone because iPhone has a closed source and more secure.
  4. Coming Up Roses song by Starbenders
  5. Blame it on the rain by Milli Vanilli
  6. Marina Bay Sands - Singapore Bangkok - Thailand Moscow - Russia And many more...
  7. My habit is to help people.
  8. I prefer to stay on xat and I feel happy to help people in xat forum.
  9. English, French and can understand Russian
  10. If it is necessary to go then I won't him stop, but arrange a farewell party and will say the best of luck for the future.
  11. Luigi is my favorite Mario Character. He is Mario's taller, younger fraternal twin brother and the deuteragonist of the Mario franchise.
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