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  1. Hi, According to new login page, after successfully login there is no information about power(s) that was assign to chat anymore. Now how can I check which power and where the power was assigned to ?
  2. Hi, Already tried that format and YES IT WORKS! Thanks @Angelo and all.
  3. Hi, Thanks @xLaming and @alex for your response. I had tried Alex's suggestion and found that it works for new user with new ID. The one that I have here is the deleted ID with k2 number in hand. Any suggestion ? Thanks in advance and Cheers.
  4. HI, Some users found that the registration page was redirected to xat ID login page which mean they cannot register new ID. I read thru the forum and found that there was a topic about this since May. Not sure it was fixed and now it is a new thing or not. Not sure the problem is on HTML5 only or not? Can users register in Flash version?
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