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  1. Haha u remembered back in 2012 that drunk aeroplane was the best . Really missed
  2. Mota

    happy birthday. Happy Birthday GIF

    1. Lola


      thank you.

  3. Mota

    STINGRAY power!

    That's really good idea I'm allways watching videos about this creature really cute haha. Well done .
  4. That's brilliant brother love it 😀
  5. How much are u selling 690069 ?
  6. Yes I agree with that would be nice adding the flashrank when we send the messages . I hope gets added
  7. Just love it. now all users will have the opportunity to have a great xatspace without spending loads of xats . Great job for all the staff
  8. Very well explanation that will help a lot of users about this new power bantimes . Well done . And thanks to everyone that had liked the suggestion of this power . Good day to you all .
  9. Mota

    Geometric pawn

    Diamond shape pawn would be so epic hope this idea goes afford. Congratulations @DUYGU
  10. Mota

    Rose Gold Pawn

    Love the idea also 2 gold to unlock another colour . Like the statusfx should be added on gold too .
  11. Mota


    Mota (152590)
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