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  1. Battle Ship Starts in 5 minutes!


    You Could Win SUPERSUMMER Power! 8-)


    Come over to xat.com/Help




    All You have to do is guess a square on the grid! 

    You could hit a Prize Ship, Or you could hit the Water!


    1. Lemona


      🥳 🚢 🥳 🚢 🥳 🚢 🥳 🚢

    2. MasterChief



  2. 🎊Happy Birthday Anush!🎉


    Doge Dogecoin GIF by Shibetoshi Nakamoto

    1. Anush


      Thanks Rox ^^

  3. 🏖Beach Party at Help!🏖


    So Excited For the Beach Party!


    I have a feeling this is going to be the xat Party of the summer!! 


    If you don't know what I'm talking about 

    Head on over to xat.com/Help

    Check out the Fiesta de le Help Club forum & go to Beach Party for the listing of tonight's events!!


    Don't forget to join the club to never miss out on exciting games, contests & future events just like this one tonight!!


  4. 🎈Happy Birthday Abrahan!🎉

    1. Abrahan


      Thank you very much dear Rox! (hug)

  5. 30 Minutes to Go Until 4th of July Bingo Kicks off at Help Chat!!




  6. 🎆🍁🎆Happy Canada Day All!🎆🍁🎆

    Just a Few more hours until the big celebration starts at Help Chat!!


    Check in on the Fiesta de la Help Club Forum for more info

  7. Jamming Out to My Favorite Song at the Help Prom 2021!


    1. Loba


      who's that cutie chloe? (victory)

  8. UNO! 

    1 hour left until it's time to play Uno!

    I'm so Excited to be hosting my first contest for the Fiesta de le Help Club!!

    Please come join me at xat.com/Help in one hour to play Uno & win some xats & Pride Month related Powers!! 


    @iSavage Don't Forget To Swing By!! <3 

  9. Happy Birthday Sloom!!


    1. SLOom


      Thank you !!!!

  10. Leadership

    People often question what makes a good leader? Someone who is strong, rich, powerful, successful, & rules with an iron fist? Or is it the one who is kind, lenient, generous, & well loved? 

    The first leader has the potential to be resented, hated & feared, not a good leader for uplifting their team. The second leader may be perceived as weak, & may be over taken, although well liked.

    A good leader has to have both traits they have to understand the balance that is needed to Support, Encourage, yet Protect their team.

    When a good leader comes along, I hope the rest of us have the courage to support them & continue our journey to be good leaders as well.

  11. The Power of Happiness!

    It is not everyday in the world that you see one person bring happiness to so many, Thank you Lida for bringing smiles to so many people! HTML5 & now the New xat chat have brought so much Fun, Happiness & Love! I love seeing so many other people have fun with us! A smile & a hug really is an international language!(hug):)

    -Bingo will always be one of my favorite xat memories!- spacer.png

    -One of the few times I have flooded a chat, It was for a good cause & so much fun to do!:$-



    1. Kale



    2. Deff


      I cant believe! I'm angry with myself for seeing these beautiful words late! @RoxStar .. I'm so happy to know you. This is the best of my xat memories. I admire you for always being there for me for supporting me. You have been a great host! You are so right .. All smiles and hugs international language! You always look so cute whenever I see you! You’re like sunshine on a rainy day.(cute)
      (I will not forget that all my life!)

      Wish all good and happiness with you(hug)


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