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  1. ⚓Battle Ship Big Winners! ⚓ L13 Kary - 100 Xats F10 Tupsy -Summer Power A13 Tom 1 -100Xats G4 Master Chief & Emillia -Summer Power L1 Stiffler -100 Xats K7 Mikey -Carnival Power A1 Kary -100 Xats A10 Gluttony -Summer Power F8 Kriseto -100 Xats H12 Kary SuperSummer Winner! L5 Kary -Summer Power I7 Tom 1 -Summer Power H9 Crazy Boy- Fiesta Power I11 Robert -Vacation Power Congratulations to Each Of The Winners! Thank You To Everyone Who Came To Play! Special Thank You To @Lemona & @xWolfx For Sponsoring & Co-Hosting This Event!! We Can't Wait To See Everyone Again At Our Next Event! Wheel of Fortune 7/27 5:00Pm EST!
  2. Battle Ship Starts in 5 minutes!


    You Could Win SUPERSUMMER Power! 8-)


    Come over to xat.com/Help




    All You have to do is guess a square on the grid! 

    You could hit a Prize Ship, Or you could hit the Water!


    1. Lemona


      🥳 🚢 🥳 🚢 🥳 🚢 🥳 🚢

    2. MasterChief



  3. Super Summer Battle Ship is about to Start in about 1 hour! Come Over to xat.com/help Everyone Will get to guess a Letter & a Number combo from the grid Will You find the hidden Prize? Or will you you miss & hit the water? Potential Prizes today include Super Summer Summer Related Prizes Fiesta Club Prizes! Xats Can't Wait To See You There! 4:00Pm EST at xat.com/Help
  4. 🎊Happy Birthday Anush!🎉


    Doge Dogecoin GIF by Shibetoshi Nakamoto

    1. Anush


      Thanks Rox ^^

  5. Can Someone Say BEACH?! Thank You To Everyone Who Came Out To The Beach Tonight! Congratulations to Everyone Who Won an Event Tonight! Thank You @Lemona For Hosting Tonight's Beach Party! We'll See Everyone Again Soon At Our Next Event! Keep an Eye Out For Code Names on July 18th 10:00Pm EST
  6. 🏖Beach Party at Help!🏖


    So Excited For the Beach Party!


    I have a feeling this is going to be the xat Party of the summer!! 


    If you don't know what I'm talking about 

    Head on over to xat.com/Help

    Check out the Fiesta de le Help Club forum & go to Beach Party for the listing of tonight's events!!


    Don't forget to join the club to never miss out on exciting games, contests & future events just like this one tonight!!


  7. 🏖It's Time To Hit The Beach!🏖 The Help Beach Party Is Now! Come hang out with us at xat.com/Help 🎶Featuring Radio Music by @DjHyperHouse 🩱Games & Events Start Now! 👙
  8. 🏖Get Ready For The Beach! The Help Beach Party Is On the Way!🏖 Grab your beach gear & all of your friends! This is the Summer Bash you won't want to miss! This Event Kicks Off July 16th 8:00Pm EST/ 5:00Pm PST at xat.com/Help Bringing A Beach Buddy is highly encouraged for this one! If you don't have a buddy for the party we will pair you with one. 1.👙Beach Attire🩱 We encourage everyone to "dress-up" In your best beach & pool theme! Use that summer avatar you have been waiting for that perfect holiday to bust out! Change your Name & your color style, allow your imagination to be your guide! You can be anything from a beach ball, pool umbrella, to your favorite summer time Celebrities! Please make sure your beach & pool attire is still appropriate. 2.The Perfect Beach Party Plan (Itinerary) Beach Gear-Everyone Who dressed up in their best beach & pool attire will have a random chance to win 100 Xats! Amazing Race- Communication is key to win this game! You and your beach buddy will play together to try to be the quickest pair to complete all of the challenges around xat. Guess What?- You will be shown a summer themed smiley or smiley combination & have to guess what it is. The first user to correctly guess the smiley will win Xats. Win 1, Skip 2 please! Summer BINGO!- Everyone has a chance to win! Pc a Beach Party Host for a bingo card & get ready to get lucky! 🏖We can't wait to see you & all your beach buddies at this xat style summer time spectacular!🏖
  9. oh heck yes!! this needs to be a thing!
  10. My Cache was cleared before Logging in, Master Chief is logged in. I am Logged in. Mc's name shows up as White & Yellow With a Smiley in the name. Mc's screen shows up as Silver/Grey with no Smiley in name. I don't know how to get the combo in his name as he hasn't used that color combo in months. After I click the name it stays White/ Yellow however After a few minutes it changes back to his current Name Combo Silver/Grey.
  11. I love this! this would be an adorable smiley power!!!
  12. Thank You To Everyone Who Came Out To Play Code Names Last Night! Both Red Team & Blue Team Took Home A Win! Special Thanks To Our Spymasters, & Sponsors @Loba @Lemona In addition to Code Names Loba & I also did some random User Give-Aways Congratulations to Each of Last Nights Give-Away Winners! Nate Wolfie Kyle Crazyboy Tom1 Sydney Madness Lily Yago Karen Our Next Event Will Be Skribbl on July 10th, 9:30PM EST at Help Chat! If You Missed It This Time, We Will Be Playing Code Names Again July 18th, 10:00PM EST!
  13. 🎈Happy Birthday Abrahan!🎉

    1. Abrahan


      Thank you very much dear Rox! (hug)

  14. Thank You To Everyone Who Came To Celebrate With Us Last Night! 🎆Congratulations To Our 3 Bingo Champions!! 🎆 Each of Our Winners won a Fourth Power & 500 XATS! Round 1 Champ! Wookie! https://i.imgur.com/X3PD9I2.png https://i.imgur.com/BBDf7LE.png Round 2 Champ! Raven! https://i.imgur.com/fTDwAzd.png https://i.imgur.com/w1duyWd.png Round 3 Champ! Brat! https://i.imgur.com/fUBSeZ7.png https://i.imgur.com/rlymqS9.png 🎆Congratulations To The Winners Of The Surprise Prize Wheel!🎆 @LemonaHelped Sponsor This Contest With an Additional 1,000Xats! Congrats to Our Winners! Loba- FireworksHug https://i.imgur.com/NxeLWrg.png Robert- FireworksHug https://i.imgur.com/xVi6xxH.png Kaga- FireworksHug https://i.imgur.com/LLSTN4U.png Master Chief- FireworksHug https://i.imgur.com/zyGwTqf.png  Dr.Finklestein- 200 XATS https://i.imgur.com/1OzI8gW.png CrazyBoy- 200 XATS https://i.imgur.com/2o6UFwa.png Raven- 200XATS https://i.imgur.com/vFqmMgT.png Flake Was Our Big Double Winner of The Night , Winning a total of 400 XATS! https://i.imgur.com/eWOwuaj.png ,https://i.imgur.com/xNgUx2O.png 🎆Congratulations To All OF Our Winners!🎆 Thank You To Everyone Who Came to Celebrate With Us! 🎆We Look Forward to Seeing Everyone Again Tonight For More 4th of July Fun With Skribbl!🎆 Skribbl Starts at 9:00Pm EST at Help Chat!
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