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  1. The Story Definitely Makes Up For It! Grey's Anatomy, I could never get into that one!
  2. Jamming Out to My Favorite Song at the Help Prom 2021!


    1. Boni


      who's that cutie chloe? (victory)

  3. This Is Amazing!! So Many People Will Have Fun & Enjoy Coming to Help Fiesta!!!
  4. This is going to be so much fun!! What an amazing opportunity to be a part of something Unique at xat Help!!
  5. Congratulations to all of our UNO Winners! Round 1 Tae https://prnt.sc/156f3pk Round 2 Kyle https://prnt.sc/156ht31 Round 3 Master Chief https://prnt.sc/156kpua The winners of Each Round Received their Choice of PatrickFx or Rainbows & 500 Xats!! Raven & Loba Also Each Received Rainbows power just for coming out to Fiesta with us too! https://prnt.sc/156kbpf https://prnt.sc/156k5uk We look forward to seeing everyone at Skribbl This evening at 10pm EST For More Fun & More Prizes Viva la Fiesta!!
  6. UNO! 

    1 hour left until it's time to play Uno!

    I'm so Excited to be hosting my first contest for the Fiesta de le Help Club!!

    Please come join me at xat.com/Help in one hour to play Uno & win some xats & Pride Month related Powers!! 


    @iSavage Don't Forget To Swing By!! <3 

  7. Uno! Don't forget to call UNO! as you're down to your final cards in this fun strategy card game! Everyone takes turns matching the cards in their hands to the last played card, at the same time as using tricks to add more cards to your opponents hand & be the first one to empty your hand of cards. Uno starts at 2PM EST Saturday 6/11 on xat.com/Help Hosted by RoxStar! Skribbl! After given a selection of 3 things to choose from it's up to you to draw one of them! As you are doodling against the clock your opponents must try to guess what you are drawing! Points are issued for being the quickest one to guess the drawing. Be the winner with the most amount of points at the end of the game! Skribbl is our Evening Event & will begin at 10PM EST Saturday 6/11 on xat.com/Help Hosted by Lemona!! Come Join Our Fiesta for a chance to win Xats & Pride Month Related Powers!! Each of the Winners for the day will receive a Rainbows power, or PatrickFX, to go with Help's theme of Pride month!
  8. "I'm still torn, but there probably isn't any point to discuss this any further. It's not like the opinions of the community matter on most topics." This Quote right here. If Nothing Else the responses to this original post really do show the disconnect that Admin has with their users & communities, It shows how out of touch they are with their own product. the post also shows how unwilling they are to listen to their Users & Community. Long time users and or people who enjoy & support xat, whom wish to see the site & it's communities thrive, should not be made to feel this way.
  9. How To Play Uno! A Custom Link to the game will be issued, If you wish to play, or enter the game you must Private Chat the host with your Player Id Number P_9246 ~The Objective To be the first player to play all of the cards in your hand, and increase the number of cards your opponents have in their hand. Each player starts with 7 cards, the remaining cards go into the Draw pile. 1 card gets flipped face up & becomes the start of the discard pile. ~During your turn: Play a card from your hand by matching the top card on the DISCARD pile with either of the following: -Number, -Colour - Trick Card Type (draw 2, reverse, skip, wild card or wild draw 4) Available Cards to select will have a red "glow" around them If you do not have a card to play, you must draw 1 card from the draw pile ~When you are down to 1 card you must "Call Uno" If you are caught not "Calling Uno" you will be dealt additional cards. ~Trick cards Draw 2 Card -When played, the next person to play must DRAW 2 CARDS and miss their turn -If the card is turned up at the start of play, the first player DRAWS 2 Cards Card can only be played on: a matching color card or on another DRAW 2 Card Reverse Card -Reverses direction of play when this card is played. Play to the Top now becomes play to the Bottom and vice versa When drawn as first card, the player to the Top now plays first and play continues to the next Top player instead of the Bottom -Card can only be played on: a matching color card or on another Reverse Card Skip Card -Next person in line to play after this card is placed is skipped (loses their turn) If the card is turned up at the start of play, the first player loses their turn -Card may only be played on a matching color or on another Skip Card Uno Wild Card Rules When played, you change the color being played to any color Wild cards can be played even if you have a playable card in hand If turned up at start of the game, player on dealer’s bottom choose the color to begin play and plays the first card Uno Wild Draw 4 Card Rules When played, allows you to: call the next color played and requires the next player to pick 4 cards from the DRAW pile and forfeit their turn If turned up at start of play, return card to the DRAW PILE and pick another card The card should only be played if you don’t have a playable card in your hand ~If more then 10 people would like to play & there is no room for more people in a round, then the players at the end of the round with the most cards left over will be dropped from the next round, & new players will take their place. This cycle will continue until everyone who has wanted to play has had the opportunity to. The winner will be the person who wins the final round.
  10. This has potential to be fun & would be great to bring awareness to all of the variety of powers xat has to offer! How would the game stay up to date with the current & newly released powers? Or would it only rotate through a selection of powers? the functionality is also a concern seeing as some of the game bans aren't currently operational.
  11. Happy Birthday Sloom!!


    1. SLOom


      Thank you !!!!

  12. This is a great idea! Instead of creating an Influencer Pawn it would be innovative to see this feature used more regularly, I.E instead of "NOT xat staff" Seeing a different label being used for example "Volunteer of xat" or "Official xat reseller". It's 2021 anyone with an instagram, snapchat, or tiktok claims to be an "influencer" We already have cyan pawn for "celebrities" which were the equivalent of influencers in the 2000's. Maybe applications for Cyan pawn should be made available to influencers, Celebrities or people who would like to promote xat on external platforms & see the feature Martin shows be used to highlight different rolls on xat itself.
  13. I'm sad that I missed this one Congratulations to All Of The Winners!! I Can't Wait to Play in the next Event!!
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