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  1. On 5/1/2020 at 11:32 AM, DUYGU said:

    Hi everyone! I want ''Garden'' xat powers. In the my ''springrose xat powers'' suggest, which I have suggested before, I was include various rose symbols and various rose shapes in the spring theme, and I was tried to make xat powers statements by using the rose crowns and rose buckles together with the spring theme.Them I tried to convert them to xat powers expressions, but in this new suggest, I make all wild flowers a more comprehensive and more detailed topic. I use it's human   face shapes, human hand and arm shapes with together various flowers and tools.These smilies can be an idea to xat designers. If this suggest is taken into account, we can see the xat smilies my suggested in the new xat powers that can be created in the future. I present this suggest to the knowledge of xat powers designers. Pay attention to the different face, hand and arm shapes I have included in my suggest. I have added emoji pictures about wildflowers to my suggest. Also I will support these pictures with different pictures and drawings. 


    Bc4PG3G.png MjbdhRn.pngtYWmLvH.png         wdEcZBG.jpg  


    1cdPb6Y.png   5riyVo5.jpg    OubgQqD.jpg     7a6MNx7.png     YYR10X9.jpg    HP0VI18.jpg   cLx9Oa9.jpg


    As in these examples, it would be nice to see cute wildflower emojis in xat flower powers. If can these powers were created, I think many people will buy these powers on xat and use them with pleasure.




    is nice ideea power

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