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  1. Hello !! I wonder why he refuses to post a picture of the commercial for my chat. I received an email approving the image and when it was posted on my chat it was blank. This came to me at http://prntscr.com/xrrt3x I didn't see this picture while I was posting, but I paid twice for the post for this ad. Please tell me what the problem is. https://i.postimg.cc/gjMr0xd2/728x90-slika-za-reklamu.png
  2. Dear In the new version of the xat a lot of cottages compared to the previous one. I don't know if I have to do anything on my computer now that the flash is canceled because I can barely get to the Xats. But will this improve over time please let me know.
  3. HELLO TO ALL!!! Blocking the xat of a registered user for no reason and blocking the xat station is not justified. xat.com must legally protect every registered user and must not threaten to revoke xat or registration. Dropping an email without the prior permission of the email user is against the law. Hacking into an e-mail and unjustifiably transferring or blocking powers from a registered user is punishable by law. I am informed that xat.com or someone who introduced themselves is HELP. unjustifiably took powerse from several registered users which they bought with their ow

    Thanks for the help. The letter generator was a problem so it didn't accept, with ordinary letters it works normally. I didn’t know about it and thank you again. A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!

  5. http://prntscr.com/whhxyc http://prntscr.com/whi233 This is what it looks like when I do everything ok or when I paste it on the xat radio night and it writes to me This player is not existent on our server. i don't know if it's a problem because i changed it several times or it's something else. Please help me solve the problem. GREETINGS!!!
  6. Hello !! I am grateful for your help. I made a code generator for the player and put it on my xat and it worked for a while. When I change the shape of the player, I don't want it to stay on the hat anymore. pise mi ... This player is not existent on our server. Please help me solve the problem. Always grateful !! L.P. http://prntscr.com/whhqk4
  7. Hello !!! I'm wondering what will happen to the music players. Why can't you make a free html5 player because so far it has been free via flash player. When will you allow free players in html5 format ??? Greetings!!
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