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  1. well by checking the comments this suggestiong looks like the kcar power but there is so many others powers that look alike. I dont see why this would be so different to the others. I like the suggestion of the name but with different types of emoticons maybe? keep it up the hard work!
  2. I have always thought about this too but never had a chance to be able to comment or suggest because I didnt know where to go or how to do it. Im really down for this feature!
  3. Nice idea of adding another animal emoticons to the xat world would be great collection to the xatzoo lol cute and simple most people would love it. I also see most people like powers with most hearts loving stuff
  4. I like the idea of adding another effects to the nick names, like fire-burn animations or wind effects not using another powers like (burnigheart) (num) etc but like using (nameglow) we can create effects like blood, snow, wind, burning fire or add a shade under the nick names and so on
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