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  1. Not necessarily a power, if you want to put a smaller text to have some options as in notepad: and it can be this option as in chat for example:
  2. But if these animations were avatars in which you could insert a text message or a name?
  3. Is Statusfx limited?
  4. It doesn't work for me either, and it works for others. These hat codes don't work on supersummer: hat#h#dolphin or superhalloween: hat#h#cobweb, hat#h#pknburning, hat#h#witch2 either. And the power (hands) does not appear properly when you put for example (d # hands # right) or (d # rockon # both), the color changes instead of putting where you want your hands.
  5. The idea of pawns from chessboard pieces is also good. If it is not possible to make a pawn from certain games or animations, then something original from other things, for example some animals, objects or from different things. Whoever has some ideas can write them here.
  6. A new power that you can choose which pawn to have for example instead of pawn to have the horse, king, queen, etc .. on the chessboard or other pawns such as from different games example: among us, cs go, red dead redemption 2, club penguin, GTA V or other games or animation. Example: from the chessboard: https://prnt.sc/wcxh17 Among us: https://prnt.sc/wcxnly Red Dead Redemption 2: https://prnt.sc/wcxs4m, https://prnt.sc/wcxtn8 Pawns from various games, animations, etc. Maybe some emoticons that have some things similar to thes
  7. "Improvements: Animations will now only play when your mouse is over the chatbox. This should reduce the CPU usage." - My opinion would be that a setting should be added for this option where you can choose whether you want the animations to work as before or stop as now. "Powers: Mark editor: Adding marks has been easier. Simply send (mark) on the chat and click on it to open the Mark editor." - Has anything changed at the power of the mark? I click on it and it shows me the power window instead of the one with its settings.
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