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  1. I never imagined that new but good power was too expensive. MieLsithaa (1531991674)
  2. I have noticed the difference of the new power but it is ok I hope it does not rise as many have risen and I do not agree.
  3. I like the Idea if you were a smilies creator on xat.com I would give you a thousand times 10 you deserve it
  4. Someday I will be like you, you have great ideas but I hardly enter the forum because of work but I hope you are like that and much more I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day MieLsithaa (1531991674)
  5. Excelente juego en compañía de xat Hola y los usarios Mucha diversión en todo los juegos sobre todo en familia muchísima gracias a todos lo que compartieron con nosotros y esero que en el 2021 estemos nuevamente.... Gracias Cherry , Jason y Drika. Por brindarnos Estos juegos..... Excellent game in the company of xat Hola and the users A lot of fun in all the games, especially in the family, thank you very much to everyone who shared with us and hopefully in 2021 we are again Thank you Cherry, Jason and Drika. For giving us these games.
  6. It's very nice, but my question is, will any power come out with the emotes since lately the power is coming off the sticker? but i like it a lot Mielsithaa (1531991674)
  7. ¡Hey Duygu! In such a short time of meeting you in xat I tell you that you are an excellent person and keep it up and thank you for offering your friendship Greetings Ciix good luck and many blessings. Mielsithaa (1531991674)
  8. Sounds good to me. I agree with you I already tried the new version But there is a problem, many do not like this new version since they say that it will not be the same as when the flash was, I hope this 2021 is one of many good things. Mielsithaa (1531991674)
  9. xat.com/HOLA Where there are surprise games and much more. everyone plays. Mielsithaa (1531991674)
  10. The truth is very beautiful and funny. xat HOLA Mielsithaa (1531991674)
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