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  1. Thank you for your good wishes, and I wish the same for you, my friend Duygu
  2. It seems perfect to me, I hope they accept it, it would be a good power for animal lovers
  3. Hello Duygu, it's also nice to see you on the forum, thank you for welcoming everyone, and thanks to you, Duygu!
  4. It pleases me to be like that, darling especially if it's about you
  5. oBrandono

    Santa Hat

    I would like the ordinary hat to be turned around, it just looks in my profile image. It would be great to see it in my peon in the same way
  6. It is just what I thought and I see that I am not the only one, I think it is a great idea, it would be excellent so we would avoid seeing the "[Translator]" in the room, we would save space!
  7. Thank you, I'm proud to be part of this forum
  8. oBrandono

    Max ignore

    Great ideas Duygu!
  9. Very good news! thanks for keeping us up to date on everything.
  10. Great idea! That seems perfect to me.
  11. My dream is to travel, and about xat to be a useful user for many!
  12. Very good news! thanks for keeping us up to date on everything.
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