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  1. Happy birthday girl! 143♥

    1. Christina


      Thank you Rey!

  2. I think it must cost between Gold and purple prices. Because we have users who dont want to have pawns shiny like gold or ruby, and purple is now too old i thought its time to update it with new pawn, which wont cost too much and all users will be able to have it. Speaking about limited or unlimited, if ur asking me i would make it limited and unauctionable sure.
  3. Yes i understand, the pawn will have more shades like ignored pawn + classic hat#C. Just taking in consideration that when u go offline pawn is red but there was no problem with creating Ruby. And i didnt mention very important thing Carbon pawn will have something like base on which it will stand like chess figures. My next suggestion will be ''foreverignore'' powers. In next topic i will describe possibility of reworking ignore option and making it work better it including pawn reworking too. Stay tuned. I used it only to describe of new pawn design. The shade which gives classic p
  4. So hi all, rusty trader here. I thought that good idea for a new pawn would be a Carbon pawn. Carbon pawn cuz carbon is material which people are using for making everything from sport cars, planes ect. to watches and phones. I had already a conversation with Cupim about it. But im not good with photoshop or any other program so i cant put my idea on paper. But i can describe. Carbon power will be like a combination of basic pawn in 2 colors (grey or black) so users can choose 2 pawn colors + classic power on it (hat#C) so pawn will have a little matt shade on it + glitter like glitterfx in
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