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  1. Cleared my cache after the new update/after this issue occurred and it did not fix the issue. https://prnt.sc/10zr6cu - March 30, 2021, 1:10 am PST. Guest on chat with Savage as a mutual friend. He said he was not able to PM me. Nathy also said she was not able to PM me. Savage's rank: Guest. My rank: Guest. With Elif's screenshot: My rank: temp moderator. Elif's rank: guest. Confusing part: Attempted at xat.com/yardim with Baro, he was able to PM me. Baro's rank: Moderator. Mine: Guest
  2. Is this what you meant by avatar? 

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    2. iSavage


      I like how it glows and also it suits your namecolor too. Great choice broski!

    3. xWolfx


      Thanks, broski!!! You have a great glow, too! 

      https://imgur.com/a/uFdeq0i here's one for ya, too

    4. iSavage


      Thank you!

  3. Still funny that no one understood the Simon Says, but yes, Trade is Awesome! (, for the most part.)
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