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  1. Happy Birthday, Abrahan!!! Hugs!! 


    Happy Birthday GIF by swerk

    1. Abrahan


      Thank you so much my Wolfie, a super hug for you too! (a)

  2. Hello Everyone! LOVE is LOVE! Come join the chat to see our Pride Background, listen to music, and for a chance to win some Xats playing Trivia! We look forward to seeing you all at Help on June 26th at 3 PM EST! Countdown (EST): https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20210626T03&p0=250&msg=xat+Help+Pride+Event&font=cursive
  3. Hi there, everyone! It's time to start the fiesta! Get your sombrero hat on and head over to xat.com/Help for some entertainment this month! Check out what we have planned on this calendar. Brief descriptions: On June 4th - Come play BINGO! 6pm EST & 1pm EST with a total prize of 2,000 XATS! Anyone & everyone has a chance to win! Random cards will be issued at 2 separate times, 2 rounds each time! On June 7th - Get ready to guess and draw as we play SKRIBBL! A small portion of xats will be set aside for some winners. 2 sessions, June 7th @3 PM EST, 12 PM PST! Second session time @9 PM EST | 6 PM PST. On June 12th - Uno, dos, tres, FIESTA! We will be playing UNO (the card game) @ 2pm EST and SKRIBBL @ 10pm EST. On June 14th - Beat that "Monday Blues" with some fun packed Trivia at 6pm EST & 11pm EST. Up to 2,000 xats will be up for grabs! Trivia will be miscellaneous with questions including topics such as xat powers, Sports, World History, Wacky & Weird topics. Come test your knowledge & hang out with us! On June 18th - Grab a date or your xat BFF and head over to the HELP PROM @8pm EST, 5 PM PST! Be prepared to pose on the blue carpet and bring your best name/namecolors and avatars! There will be an award for the best dressed couple! More details to come. On June 20th - Good with hints? This game is for you! Join us @4pm EST or 9pm EST for some fun rounds of codenames before our small competitive event on June 25th. On June 25th - Are you the ultimate spies? Gather your teams & come play codenames again at 6pm EST & 11pm EST! Spymasters Lemona & Masterchief will clue you in on how to defeat the next team. The winning team of spies will receive 2,000 xats! On June 26th - LOVE is LOVE! Come for the launching of our pride background, music and TRIVIA!! This will be the ultimate LOVE event, starting at 3pm EST! We can't wait to see you at some of our events! Donations are always welcome. Feel free to post any questions or comments below. P.S: Remember to enter in our Share the Love contest! It can be found here.
  4. Congratulations on winning the contest! Thank you all for participating! We hope to see you on the forum here for future contests!
  5. My favorite thing about xat is the contests, the fun ways xatterians interact with each other, and the friends that I have on xat. I also love helping others out in time of need on xat.com/help , and hosting contests, or assisting with contests on xat/html5.
  6. I have received the prize from @Lemona. (gkaoani) https://prnt.sc/13a81tm https://prnt.sc/13a83wu Thank you so much @Bonifor hosting this contest, and to @Lemonafor prizeholding!
  7. https://prnt.sc/138plrk - 15 https://prnt.sc/138pr6a - 70
  8. Thank you, Loba! Good luck to everyone in this contest! 142: https://prnt.sc/136t2on Roll 2: 107 https://prnt.sc/136tc21
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