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  1. BadMan95

    xat issues

    the chat has a limit, it enters with 2 users, from the main user it try to spam, to write messages quickly, and from the other user to look in the chat to see on the first user you see the messages sent, but other users do not see the messages. also emoticons you see the same emoticons, but other users do not see this, I noticed that the problem is not apples, but only sometimes, I do not understand why as for youtube, no, it doesn't work for me. use windows 10, chrome browser
  2. BadMan95

    xat issues

    I don't know what's going on, but the chat is getting worse every day gamebo doesn't work, matchrace doesn't open on html5, also youtube doesn't open on html5, but it works perfectly on flashplayer the chat has a limit, meaning I write 10 words and it displays only 4-5 when someone sends gifts on the main, the chat is blocked, you can not close the page the content on the chat loads 5 times harder than it does on the flashplayer emoticons are not sent correctly, for example, I send the emoticon (hehe) and he shows me another emoticon in the chat room or most of the time the emoticons become invisible Another thing, if you connect with a browser that uses proxy / vpn the chat connection drops and you will not be able to connect on html except on flash. I tested both on google chrome and on opera. (updated browsers) There are a lot of problems with bringing html5, and if these problems are not resolved, I am convinced that xat.com will lose a lot of users again.
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