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  1. hi my dear, I think I know the person you are talking about and I really missed that person too you know to I am a member of lgbt People like us have to fight for society to accept themselves, social pressure is an obstacle to revealing our own identities. Your friend may not have shared it with you because of this. I hope we can see him again soon
  2. I'm happy to be a part of html5's family.
  3. I'm so happy we can understand each other in a good way. I think you're good at your thing @Kaul I also appreciate that you have not taken it personally.
  4. exactly, that's what I mean, no one needs to take it personally, it's an open discussion so you have to say what you think.
  5. I'm happy to hear different opinions. Everyone has different choices, no one needs to take it personally. kaul and sevda are good at their thing, but changes are always needed.
  6. Why aren't you open to innovations? It takes courage to try different and interesting innovations.
  7. Maline


    omgggggggggggg so cuteeee!
  8. it's a great idea, this will be exciting and different for everyone. I really like this idea <3
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