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  1. chat with friends, I found young online chat here where I can discuss hot topics bout everything. So cool. The best part, it has an element of surprise 'coz I never know in advance who you will be chatting with me now or in 10 minutes. Awesome webcam game.
  2. I want to visit Chernobyl one day. Last year my friends visited that place and they told me it was very exsiting trip. They used radiation detectors from https://ecotestgroup.com/products/cadmium/ and in some places the radiation level was still above the norm. My friend even bought one detector for home use after that trip 'coz radiation could be everywhere these days.
  3. I like junk food but try to keep on a healthy eating right now
  4. Sting, Shape of My Heart my favorite song ever
  5. difficult question, iphone for me. I bought mine last year and don't have any regrets. Plus I always use vpn with no logs to keep my data safe from online snoopers. It provides a high level of security. I think it's a must have puschase these days.
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