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  1. Guys, it's normal that goes that high. It said super limited and only next year it will be realeased more units so it's basics offer/search that we are looking at here; even if it's a power that came out at 211 xats, not surprising.
  2. The amount of days given to each of the winning members, will depend in how many of them will be online :D
  3. Since it's still halloween event at xat.com/ganar, the last giveways is restricted to members and staff that spend the most time around. Prize will be given in plenty of days. Names won't be given until this giveways starts. Giveways starts at midnight UTC +0 @bianca-99@Demonattack
  4. Antes de mais, convém editares (xat.com/edit) o teu xat e ativar a rádio para html5; Para fazer a mudança da rádio para a nova tecnologia, faz aqui https://www.cloudrad.io/radio-player/ (atenção que o link tem de estar validado); Por fim, para validar o mesmo o player no xat- https://xatradio.com/ só seguir os passos, simples.
  5. Certamente aparecem vários bugs por causa de toda esta mudança.. podes sempre tentar colocar novamente a imagem no edit a ver se repõe como estava
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