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  1. Deea

    How can I?

    Thank u all for u'r time,i'll try in a few...the password i used is the same password i use for several connections,it can't be wrong :)...my hand is typing whithout my eyes see :))))... My friends are on bikers,i found the box,the volume is at max,but yet notting. Anyway,i'll try later, Thanks again...i'm only 3 days here :))
  2. Deea

    How can I?

    If I am accessing from mail,it's fine,i'm here . But if i want to login from google,it says E25(wrong username/email or pass)...they are all right ,i've checked like 100 times How can I know when a player is or not working on phone? Thanks
  3. Deea

    How can I?

    Hi,so....Is it possible to listen to music on phone instead of pc?why when i try to login,gives me error?
  4. Deea

    How can I?

    Hi,there,is my first time where as an invitation....how can I listen on my phone?how can I see what dj is and anyhing?
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