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  5. Happy Birthday Seanie!!! I hope the next time you check your forum account you see this lovely message and that all is well! (hug)

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  7. I wouldn't recommend mobile Chrome either for security purposes, your best option is xat's Mobile App.
  8. Dear Ahmedgamal, To further elaborate on Stif's post, I would highly recommend not using the Puffin Browser when using xat, especially since you have enabled security on your account. As a result of the pages being processed on cloud servers, the IP address reflects the cloud server's IP address and some websites might detect the browser to be a proxy server, which includes xat. A lot of users use Puffin browser to troll and cause havoc at certain chats, and since xat recognizes It as a static IP, you would also be banned by default. I would advise talking to a main owner about this to get that resolved. As for the the 5 day hold, you need to wait it out and not trade/transfer using any proxy servers, as well as not trading/transfering at any other location that is not registered to your account. Best Regards.
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    1. Use of Service xat.com does not promote groups or users that are based on religious or political views.
  11. Of course this implementation would be more distinct and organized, but it isn't really a major issue to the point where it's detracting a user's experience. It may take a while (as in years) before this is actually updated, and I say that because xat is focused on bigger projects at this point of time.
  12. Sean

    Ticket System

    Like Adeis said, you are going to have to wait since that is the only thing you can do at this point. You need to keep in mind that ticket responses are a factor of specialization, meaning only certain volunteers can help with your situation. Your issue may involve an investigation process which may involve questions to be answered on your part, so it may take some time.
  13. The peak of user activity was the upsurge of online gaming culture; from several communities such as Club Penguin, Runescape, and then some. It was the “coolest” platform for them to communicate on at the time. It was more pleasing to the eye than aim or yahoo messenger, for example. It just so happened that xat offered more than just communication which has prolonged their use of the website so we still see most of those users online today, including myself. I don’t think looking at it as “it was better with 2 admins then so why change now” is a productive approach because times have changed. If we want xat to grow heathfully we have to look at different angles and test things out to see what will advance. The goal is working towards efficiency which is my magic word for this post. Most businesses have thrived on that alone. Everything else falls into place. (I don’t want anyone to reply to this post, it was just a response to Cryo. If anyone else wants to speak on this topic you can find me at Help or send me a direct message. I don’t want to derail the purpose of this thread out of respect for Echo, thank you)
  14. This wouldn't be too bad of an idea. However I feel like it should be a slideshow; alternating between the popular chat page, a stats page, and a promoted chat page, rather than having everything cluttered all together. Would look sleeker, vibrant and just more fresh. Less intimidating for new users as well. I think there should be management that focuses on these types of things. We always blame admins for neglecting certain aspects of the website experience but it may just be too much of a load for them to tackle all at once. To our knowledge, there is only two active ones. (Chris and Darren) We have never questioned or entertained the thought of adding more administrators with specialized tasks. It would be more efficient. Anyways, that is a complex conversation to have. To stay on topic, there should be an administrator that is primarily focused on visual aspects, coloring and typography of the page. (Snapchat, instagram, and facebook have teams for this purpose and so you see the layers change every now and then)
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