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  1. Happy birthday Solange (blowkiss)

  2. Thank you @Luana for your amazing works! And congrats @Lida Im sure you will do good job
  3. 5p1yiXR7W.gif

    Haydiiiii Kartal!!!!!!! Beşiktaş 🖤🤍

    1. Sevda



  4. Elif

    Ice Pawn

    So cool pawn
  5. Elif

    Mutlu yaşlar

    Happy Birthday GIF

    1. Kaul


      Thank you sis (sman)

  6. Is it normal to complain to the forum because you dont like the background? You need to talk this situations to staff.
  7. All vols deserve to be appreciated for their work. It is very difficult to decide, make a choice. But I wanna say firstly @LaFleur because he is a really respectful, polite, helpfully person. And then @Stif he always helps me on anything. Also, wanna thank them @Sydno @Solange @Crow
  8. Lemonaaa!! Happy birthday sweety (blowkiss)

    1. Lemona


      Thank you Elif! (blowkiss)


      See you later! (hug)

  9. I put on my headphones and go for a walk or jog
  10. Elif


    1. Sevda


      Thanks honey, it's one of my favorites ♥



    2. Sevda





    3. Elif


      Kalabalık, uzun bir caddede tutmuşum yalnızlığın elindennn

  11. Elif

    New Pawn Colors

    I liked this idea too. But, it has been suggested several times, Tutkusum.
  12. bored sick of it GIF by U by Kotex Brand

    1. Lida


      we can get bored together 

    2. Elif


      We can have fun together @Lidasis

  13. Thank you @Dimple and @DjCrazy for hosted, this great idea. Thank you all donators. Congrats all winners! And I received my prize...
  14. Were waiting for you all with @Lemona for our birthdays on the 18th .. Thank you @Luana for thought all of us
  15. OMG!! My Italian baby! Congratulations! I love you so much and I know you will do good job.. Good luck
  16. Hungry Happy Birthday GIF by hoppip

    Happy birthday Sapphire, I wish all beauties for you.(a)

    1. SapphireOfficial


      Like usual sugar girl :$. Thx you!

  17. Elif

    Happy Birthday Love GIF by Hallmark Gold Crown

    Happy birthday cute girl(blowkiss)

    1. Page


      Thank you sis ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Hello all, We noticed that we cant send pm anyone, whose nopm is enable, who added us. Like 4-5 users told me that. Even Wolf is a mod, he cant send me pm.
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